Burgess-Becker Talks Team’s 5-0 Start

Burgess-Becker Talks Team’s 5-0 Start

Tito Benach
When the season started 2015 ATH Shawn Burgess-Becker and the Monarch (Fla.) team all said their goal this year was to send a message to the rest of South Florida that they are no joke. It seems as if they’ve made a loud message as their currently 5-0 coming off a big win against Douglas.

Burgess-Becker talked about what it’s like to start off this well and let everyone in South Florida no they aren’t fooling around.

“A lot of people don’t know really that much about Monarch and they think it’s a school they can just push over. When we go into a game, we don’t think we’re better then the other team, we come in there to play and just do our job and thats to win.”

The Knights just came off a big win against Douglas (Fla) a team that many pitched to be a tough matchup for them. Despite being down fourteen nothing going into the second half, Monarch was able to rally and send the game into overtime.

In overtime, the Knights were able to tie the game and decided to go for the win on a 2-point conversion. They called a fade route for the 2015 athlete and he described what it was like.

“We were all in the huddle and they were like ‘Shawn do you think you can put this game away?’, So I just stepped up to the plate and did my job and asked for the ball and made the big game winning catch.”

The Monarch product has been subject to a tremendous amount of recruiting from almost every coach in the Nation and states his top 4 schools remain the same with Alabama, LSU, Miami, and Florida.

“There hasn’t been a change in that top 4, you know I’m looking forward to see if I can add on more offers from there and hear from certain schools like that.”

The 6’2 185 pound player maker claims no leaders for the moment and talked about the most recent game he attended.

“They’re all right there, I mean I attended the UM-UF game and it had a big impact. Both teams came to play and they’re both in my top four. I’m also trying to catch that Alabama-LSU game and see how each team performs.”

Burgess-Becker spoke about Miami and where they stand with him and how their 4-0 start has affected him.

“Yeah, they’re 4-0 and Al Golden has some good things going on over there and it makes a big impact.”

‘Cane fans have been noticing something interesting in Burgess-Becker’s play lately. After his touchdowns Burgess-Becker has been throwing up “The U’ symbol with his hands and there is a deeper meaning to it than many realize.

“(Laughs) You know just going through the motions, it just came up. I have a lost relative who is a big fan so almost every game I do it for him.”

Two things will be paramount in Burgess-Becker’s decision and that is academic and the schools NFL pedigree.

“I just want to get the best education in whichever school I attend and hopefully going to the next level and fulfill my dream.”

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Great interview. Did he mention who's recruiting him or if his family prefers a school or decision (I.e. close to home).
Hope he picks the U. Need to get them boys away from the $EC and back to the U.
Great interview. Did he mention who's recruiting him or if his family prefers a school or decision (I.e. close to home).

Didn?t get to ask but from speaking with his father, he has told me's he's fine with where ever.
I'm sure his relative would want him to pick the U
Who is this Calvin Kid-#8? Looks like a legit prospect
Love the reference to getting a good education.
Matthew Thomas threw up the U too! Just sayin! Long way to go, but a must get!