Bruce Jr. Gets Miami Offer

Bruce Jr. Gets Miami Offer

Tito Benach
2016 receiver Sam Bruce Jr. was one of the many speedy and talented players at the Al Golden football camp on Sunday. Bruce shined along with some other prospects in the multiple receiver drills they were performing.

“It was a good experience, I had a good time out there competing with exceptional players. I got to meet all the coaches and the staff at the university of Miami, got a good chance to have a good conversation with the coaches.”

Bruce Jr. spent a lot of his time at the camp not only showing off his tremendous skills but also speaking with coaches Brennan Carroll, Paul Williams and Al Golden.

“They’re just all about coming to Miami, I like that. They were up front with what they wanted. I also spent a lot of my time with the receivers coach, coach Carroll. I got to build a really good relationship with him.”

The University school product had a great performance at the camp, which led to him landing an offer from the hometown hurricanes.

“It’s a school that I liked growing up. I was just really pleased with the effort I gave which landed me the offer.”

While Bruce Jr. didn’t win Camp MVP for receiver’s, he did win another significant award.

“I got the fastest man award, there’s some really fast players out there. I really didn’t plan on winning that but it felt great that I came out on top.”

The 5’8 160 pound receiver rated his camp experience a “10 out of 10”

“it was definitely a ten; I like the atmosphere, I like how it’s close to home and hope to look more into the school.”

Prior to offering Bruce Jr. had an already high interest in the hurricanes, now that they have offered the interest is increasing rapidly.

“They’ve moved up a lot , it’s really teeter-tottering between FSU and Miami right now. Luckily, I have three years to make a decision.”

Another aspect that catches the speedy receivers attention is Miami’s sports medicine program.

“Yeah, they have a great sports medicine program. I’m going to look into that, as well as a great sports broadcasting program.”


Comments (15)

This kid is going to be big time by his senior year.
Adding Bruce jr to what we should already have on Offense in 2016 would be downright absurd. Elite playmakers will be everywhere and opposing defenses will be in DEEP trouble.
A U school kid, I'm never going to get my hopes up with anyone from that school.
This kid is big time. Crazy in and out of breaks. Forget about it if he gets in the slot spot.
If he's anything like his daddy ill take him lol! Go canes!
"Luckily I have 3 years to make a decision"

And heeeeeere we goooo
I'm sure when we start winning big over the next couple of years he'll be real interested.
I knew a dude who grew up with Issac in Ft. Laudy and would always talk about how his brother was more athletic than him but got mixed up with the wrong stuff. I dont know its thats Sam Sr or not.
Kid will be a beast wherever he goes, hope its at the U!
I wonder if this is the little kid I saw in a video of a camp a while back. He was a small receiver but quick as he11. He was wearing a cap on his head, and I think it was the QB Sean White throwing to him. Very impressive if it's the kid I'm thinking.