Brown talks offensive issues and updates team as UM readies for BC

Stefan Adams
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After watching film over the bye week, offensive coordinator Thomas Brown shared his thoughts on the Canes’ offensive performance in their 16-13 loss to UVA.

“It was frustrating, we watched it as a whole unit," Brown said. "A lot of stuff has obviously been said about the game and how we performed but it boils down to our lack of execution, which starts with us first as coaches.

“We got to do a better job at coaching our guys and either we’re doing a poor job at coaching our guys or we got too much stuff in our offense that they can’t retain and can’t execute well. Are we playing too many guys? We have to sort some of that stuff out and I know some of the answers to that already, but all around we got to do a better job of preparing these guys and they got to go out and do what we tell them to.”

Brown referenced playing too many guys at times and says shortening the rotations at some positions has been discussed among the staff. Which positions might we see that at?

“I think everywhere across the board - up front maybe we’re rotating too many guys at certain times,” Brown said. “Receiver-wise, those guys are very talented, we have to make sure they know what they’re doing in every situation. Especially when it comes to run blocking, we had a bunch of missed assignments. When it comes to the perimeter blocking, which had been great, we have some young guys that just don’t get it yet, haven’t understood what it takes to be great here yet. We’ll get it fixed, though.”

The Canes are tied for 73rd in the country in total offense at just under 400 yards per game and Brown thinks improving his unit’s execution and focus will solve some of the problems on the offensive side of the ball.

“The biggest thing is make sure your guys are focused all the time," Brown said. "We're playing the right guys to help us be successful - just execute. If you don't execute it doesn't even matter. ... It's all about execution."

Miami has played musical QB’s the past few weeks, and has landed on Malik Rosier as the starter for the Boston College game on Friday. Despite the friction, Rosier and N’Kosi Perry have maintained a good relationship according to Brown.

“They’ve been great. Those guys are both loyal to this program, loyal to each other,” Brown said. “They never turn their backs to each other. They continue to push each other and compete together, so like I said from the get go when we first made the move to N’Kosi (Perry), the more guys we have helping us in each spot, the better we are going to be in the long run.”

With Lorenzo Lingard out with a knee injury, Brown declined to say who would be the third string RB against Boston College.

“We’ll see when the game comes,” Brown said. “We’ll see who the third guy is when we get going in the game.”

On RT DJ Scaife, who made his first career start last game against UVA: “DJ has been doing really well, is gaining more confidence, knows what to do and is playing his butt off.”

Brown is preparing to face a BC defense that has racked up the third most sacks in the country and is led by defensive ends Wyatt Ray (8.5 sacks) and Zach Allen (4.5).

“They’re tough as ****,” Brown said. “They’re hard to run against, have two of the best D ends in the country, get after the quarterback so we have to do a good job out of staying out of third and seven-and-long. They come and get the quarterback in a hurry. Very kind of a don’t-beat-themselves type defense, experienced guys, older guys, know what to do.”

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He forgot to say we're building the program brick by brick... and guys we're flying around to the ball.
Same ole same. If we execute we can be successful. If we execute we can win the ACC!!!!
After reading this I dont have a good feeling about Friday
Wait, did he say they might have too much stuff in the offense that they can't retain ????
Coach Brown kept it honest across the board was very critical of the coaching more than the players even when it came to lack of execution. I think we will see a better offense come Friday.
Too much stuff in the Offense to retain??......H.O.L.Y S.H.I.T
How F-ing much more does one have to simplify an Offense in 3yrs, for someone to Grasp??....Maaannnn get these Al Golden related MFers outta my face....
The crazy thing is this offense is ALREADY as simple and predictable as you can get.