Big offseason of work for Scaife

Big offseason of work for Scaife

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Miami 2018 offensive line commit Delone Scaife joined the CanesInSight podcast presented by CanesWear last night.

Scaife was one of the first members of the Storm 18 recruiting class for the Hurricanes – he committed last July before the start of his junior season.

"It’s been kinda good seeing the class grow up and be the number one class,” he said. “It’s caught me off guard.”

It has been a big offseason of work for Scaife, who says he’s added muscle mass and lost bad weight.

“I feel good because last year I was weighing 280, but I still had some baby fat – this year I cut down on the baby fat and I’m at 310,” Scaife said.

Scaife will be competing in The Opening at Nike’s headquarters in July. He received an invite to the event after a dominant performance at the Nike combine at the Miami Dolphins facility a couple months ago.

“I’m just gonna do the best. I haven’t really been beat this spring, so hopefully I can stay undefeated and keep the streak going,” Scaife said.

He was able to attend about four or five of Miami’s spring practices.

“They’ve got the coach to push them – Coach Searels is a great coach. As long as he stays on them in practice everyday, it’s probably going to be tough in practice because they have the best front 5, but they’re going to dominate in the games.”

His versatility is something that coaches at Miami are excited about. There is talk that he could play center, but Scaife believes he might legitimately play any spot on the line.

“Wherever I fit in at, we’ll see – but I think guard or tackle.”

This has been Scaife’s first spring at Southridge after playing his first few seasons at Killian.

“It’s been kinda hard facing one of the top defenses in the state of Florida, so we really do is just push each other and try to beat the defense.”

“My primary position is going to be tackle to help at the team. You’re going to see me at guard pulling and maybe center if I have to,” he said.


You can listen to the interview in its entirety below beginning at the 25:48 mark.


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lol, sounds like he doesn't want to play center.

its cool, he can be a guard here and let Gaynor play Center.
It's going to be a tough transition in 2018 with all the seniors leaving. But we are in excellent shape after that as the 2017 and 2018 kids mature. I love Scaife and hope Reed sticks. Two guys who have the talent to get us to the BCS playoffs.
Montilus looked REALLY good during the rivals OL vs DL in Orlando