Bethune-Cookman Gameday - Week 3

Bethune-Cookman Gameday - Week 3

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously

The Canes return to South Florida for their home opener against the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats. UM comes into this game after being humbled in the debacle at Kansas State last week. If there was ever a time that a 1-Double-Something-Or-Other school needed to be played, it's after getting your *** kicked.

If we hadn't played them last year, I wouldn't be all that sure if Bethune-Cookman was even a real team or not. Apparently they are...they got uniforms and everything.
One other point before I get started...NO INFIELD DIRT!!!!

1h Tim Reynolds ‏@ByTimReynolds
The calm before The U storm. Field at Sun Life has never looked better than today.


It only took until the 5th season at No Life Stadium for it to happen.


Where: Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphins/Dolphin/Land Shark/Sun Life Stadium.

Who: Miami Hurricanes (1-1) vs Bethune-Cookman Wildcats (2-0)

W​hen: 12:00pm/et

How: It's not on TV, so go on the interwebz here
. Or if you're that desperate listen to Zagacki & Bailey on 560 WQAM. Or better yet...why don't you get your *** to the stadium?

4 storylines for UM in this game:

1. Will Miami throttle this team like they should?
2. Will the team have a hangover from last weeks *** kicking?
3. Lots of freshmen are expected to play, how will they look with increased playing time?
4. How many people show up to the game?

We should hammer this team just based on our respective classifications. But like last year, we'll probably come out lethargic as all ****. Several freshman, specifically Deon Bush, are expected to see more reps than usual in this game. Lets all hope they look the part against a crappy opponent. I'm predicting attendance to be under 40k, they'll probably announce it as 45k.

Last time they met: October 1, 2011. Miami won 45-14


What people were saying after our glorious victory:

biocane69 said:
Chickillo has earned a full-time job. We still have nobody of any consequence in the middle of the defensive line though.
Other highlights today: J12 didn't get brain-locked... TB again did his thing... kicking game is reliable... Lamar got his hunnert again... Eduardo Clements is the real deal... Sean Spence will be our leading tackler yet again... It was nice to see some play-action for a change today... It'll be great having Ray-Ray back...
Perhaps the next time we play a Division IV team, we'll show up in the first quarter.

We weren't around at this time last year so I turned to CanesOverHere again for reference. What a difference a year makes. People were excited about Clements being big time, and about having Ray Ray Armstrong back for VA Tech the following week. In regards to the bolded portion:


Know your enemy: Hail Wildcats

It takes dedication to blog about an FCS school...

What they're saying:

J. Bell said:
This team has an opportunity to be exceptionally good. We are not yet a quarter of the way through the season and BCU has not come close to playing a complete game on either side of the ball thus far. Even still the Beach Cats scored convincing victories over two very good football teams in Alabama State and South Carolina State respectively. Offensively the rushing attack is as good as it has been in the Brian Jenkins era; both Jackie Wilson and Brock Waters seem capable at the quarterback position; the offensive line is experienced and huge; and Eddie Poole, KJ Stroud, and David Blackwell make up as good of a trio of wide-receivers as you’ll find in the conference. Defensively the Wildcats have been phenomenal after the first quarter of games allowing just 7 total points in the 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] quarter and 0 points after halftime. If the Cats can find a way to get off to better starts and eliminate some of the penalties, this team can not only win a MEAC title but also a few playoff games. But I suppose that I should not look that far ahead and just “Stay in the Moment”.


Hurricanes Notes:

1. Golden Has Faith in D'Onofrio to fix the Defense's problems.
2. A.J. Highsmith is excited about his first start.
3. Miami's Defense still sucks.

1. Brian Jenkins has a lot of respect for The U.

2. Blah-Blah-Blah...Stay in the Moment.
3. Bethune-Cookman is on an 8 Game Win Streak.

Last time UM had an 8 game win streak was in 2005.


Favorite Bethune-Cookman related Image, Photoshop, or Gif

131.jpg Jenkins' "ON THE HUNT" shirt.


Miami is all kinds of banged up. Hurns is being held out for an apparent concussion. Telemaque is also being held out out this week as well. Deon Bush and A.J. Highsmith get the start at safety this week. Ramon Buchanan will miss the rest of the season with the same kind of vague, year ending injury that Marcus Forston suffered last year.

Miami Hurricanes 2-deep depth chart


Miami Hurricanes
PlayerInjury Status/UpdatedNotes
Vaugn Telemaque S Knee Out Indefinitely 9/10/12Telemaque banged up his leg last week and is being held out because it's Bethune-Cookman, and to give Deon Bush a look.
Gionni Paul LB Knee Ques Sat - 9/10/12 Paul missed the past two games because of a knee injury and remains questionable to play Saturday against Bethune Cookman.
Curtis Porter DL Appendix Ques Sat - 9/10/12 Porter missed the past two games because as he recovers from appendix surgery and remains questionable to play Saturday against Bethune Cookman.
Allen Hurns WR Concussion Out indefinitely - 9/10/12 Hurns got his bell rung on Miami's opening possession last week. He apparently had the same issue during camp, so the staff is taking extra precaution with him against Bethune-Cookman.
Raphael Kirby LB Leg Out indefinitely - 8/26/12 Kirby has been spotted wearing a hard cast on his lower leg and will be sidelined indefinitely.
Ramon BuchananLBLeg Out for season - 9/10/12Cookie's career is pretty much done. He apparently suffered some injury during the Kansas St. game, no clue when it happened.

Bethune-Cookman 2-deep depth chart


**** if I know...

85.gif you'd know what it meant even if I could find it.

Gameday Character:

Sleep for now. Tomorrow...the chaos begins!!


Bow Bow

Lets Go Canes!

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i wish i could rep this but every post you make is rep-worthy. great post
its sad the dramatic difference in my excitement between right now and a week ago.
only excitement i have going into this game is that our D might actually make a couple stops...