Article: The Guide to the College Tennis Season

Article: The Guide to the College Tennis Season

The College Tennis Season​

The college tennis season can be a bit confusing sometimes, with so many tournaments involving team, singles and doubles competition. There are the main events that every school will enter or try to qualify for. Here’s a simple breakdown of the college tennis season.

ITA National Summer Circuit / ITA National Summer Championships

The ITA Summer Circuit is made up of eight regional circuits (East, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Central, Mountain, Southwest and West) and all eight regions consist of four consecutive open tournaments played during the month of July, leading up to the ITA National Summer Championships in August.
Circuit: All through July
Championships: Second week of August
ITF Circuit
This is not part of the ITA season, but many of the top college players will forego the Summer Circuit and play the ITF Futures events. The Futures tournaments are the entry level tournaments for the ATP Tour. These are held all over the world throughout the year and all you need to play in them is to have an ITF registration number and win some qualifying matches to get into the main draw.
Once September comes, the college season really picks up. The ITA will put out the first singles and doubles rankings for the season and players will start to prepare for the biggest tournaments of the season.
ITA/D'Novo Men's All-American Championships

The players for this tournament is decided by the rankings. There are a few spots left open and the remaining players will play through pre-qualifying and qualifying rounds to get into the main draw. This is probably the third biggest title in college singles and doubles.
First two weeks of October
USTA/ITA Regional Championships

Tournaments are held in 12 regional tournaments. The winners and a few wild-cards use this tournament to qualify for the USTA/ITA National Intercollegiate Indoor Championships.
September – October, 2010
USTA/ITA National Intercollegiate Indoor Championships

The winners of the ITA Regional Championships come together in this tournament to determine the national champions. 32 singles players and 16 doubles teams make up the tournament. This is considered the second biggest title of the season. This concludes the first half of the college tennis season.
First week in November

The ITA releases the year’s first team rankings
First Week of January
The team competition starts!
Second Week of January
ITA Kick Off Weekends

Sixty schools are divided into 15 groups of 4 teams each. One team from each group will host. The school that wins twice will move on to the ITA National Men's Team Indoor Championships.
Last week of January
ITA National Men's Team Indoor Championships
The fifteen schools who won their group plus the host school will play to determine the Indoor Team National Champion. This is considered the second biggest team tile of the year.
Second Week of February
After the Team Indoor Championships, the team tennis season continues. Around 25 dual matches are played up to the ACC Championships.
February through April
ACC Championships

The seeds are determined by the regular season standings. There are three 1st round matches followed by the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.
Last week of April
NCAA Championships

The NCAA Championships starts with the Regionals. Four teams will be grouped together with one team acting as host. The team that wins twice will move on to the Sweet Sixteen. The final 16 teams will gather at the host school to determine the NCAA champion.
After the team competition is finished; the singles and doubles tournaments will be held to determine the NCAA champions.
Second week in May
This concludes the college tennis season for the year.

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What is the ITA and ITF? Is it ran by the NCAA or is it an open league?
The ITA is the Intercollegiate Tennis Association and it runs the college tennis scene. It works with the United States Tennis Association and the NCAA. The ITf is the International Tennis Federation and it is the governing group of world tennis.