Article: The CanesInSight Podcast...WE NEED YOU

Article: The CanesInSight Podcast...WE NEED YOU

Alright fellas,

We are going to go ahead and get the CanesInsight Podcast going full force. First Podcast is going to be recorded on Sunday Night.

What we need from ya'll is're insight, your lulz, and anything you all want to contribute. After all, this podcast is going to be for Canes, by Canes and its going to be a little off the cuff and try to embrace the personality of the site.

We have set up a voicemail hotline for ya'll to call and an email line...

Call us up with anything you want...your thoughts on the spring game, the NFL Draft prospects of our players, Randy Shannon, whatever...if AbelsDadKane wants to call up with a POF story or Cimino wants to give tips on how to loosen up your hip flexz0rs or BooThisMan wants to give a free money alert or toad wants say something incredibly ridiculous, we want you to feel free to call or email.

Phone number (leave a voicemail) -> (786) 233-9164
E-Mail ->

We want this podcast to incorporate all that makes the 'Canes community great...lots of 'Canes talk, but lots of ridiculous banter as well...capture the personality of this site all in a 30-45 minute podcast.

So, give us a holler...and strike back here in this thread with some things you'd like to see on the podcast. Feel free to hook me up with source material for sounders, soundbites, etc. Its going to be a podcast by you, for you, so we want you all to be involved in any way you'd like to.

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Someone should interview Buchanon's barber
Best effin site ever. Cheers.
When can we expect it? and will it be on android? cant wait for this!
When can we expect it? and will it be on android? cant wait for this!

Expected release will be late Sunday night or Monday morning.

I haven't done post-pro on a podcast in a while, so, I may have to dust off the rust the first time, somewhere around there.

Plan on discussing Spring football a little bit, the draft, and some surprises along the way.
i love the idea.....but i think the idea of doing it live would be better

get some actual discussion and debate and not just one persons opinion or answer to somebody elses question
lets do the first one with my boy sam shields mane... i have his number so holla mane...
Sounds great, man!! Keep up the good work........and if only bologna could talk.......
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