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Article: Burns Discusses LSU Rumor

Article: Burns Discusses LSU Rumor

Tito Benach
2013 Miami Commit Artie Burns suffered a heart-breaking loss to the Central Rockets on Friday night, as it would be his last game as a Northwestern Bull.

Burns talked about what he is going to miss the most about playing at Miami Northwestern.

“Having fun playing with all the guys and all my high school teammates. I’m gonna really miss it.”

Burns has plans after football season, as he is looking to continue working out.

“I’m going to be getting ready for the next level. I’m going to be doing track in the offseason as well.”

Burns recently took a visit to LSU over the past weekend and recapped what it was like.

“I enjoyed myself out there. I like the campus out there and stuff like that.”

Burns quickly gave Hurricane fans a relief when he stated where he is on his commitment to Miami.

“I’m still committed to Miami.”

Burns does not have any visits for other schools planned, but is planning one for Miami after this year is over.

The speedy safety also spoke about his feeling on the recent news regarding Miami with the NCAA.

“It won’t affect me, not at all. I’m still going to Miami.”

Burns is still in contact with the Hurricanes staff, despite him already being committed.

“I talk to all the coaches from Miami.”

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Thank you for the update.
How did he do in the game?
Last edited:
Now he will drop to a 3 star watch
We should have crazy athletes in our secondary soon. We already do, but when Artie and Carter get back there, damn. Hopefully they can also get us back to being the most dangerous special teams in the country also.
R. Jenkins is better than Burns right NOW.
With this type of talented DBs in S Fl, how the **** did we get so bad in the secondary?
“It won’t affect me, not at all. I’m still going to Miami.”

I love these south Florida kids who don't give a ****.
With this type of talented DBs in S Fl, how the **** did we get so bad in the secondary?

Why I used to be sooooo pissed because you could see the crappy situation that was the 2011 UM Db squad happening years before it did. We just would pass on players who were good enough to play here. We felt like they should be certain size or something. We were chasing a prototype that wasnt available so we missed out on kids who were good enough. It pissed me off because certain positions should never be hurting at UM and DB is one of them. There are PLENTY of kid that can run in florida that would love to go to UM.

When a guy like Mike Williams who loses his position at Wake to 2 true freshman and can transfer to UM and start in one week!!!! Then you know you have problems. SMDH.

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