All Star Game Schedules

All Star Game Schedules

3 National Games

Semper Fidelis All American Bowl-6PM EST 1/3/12 CBS Sports Network
Vin Ascolese
Ryan Brodie
James Burgess
Greg Garmon
Teko Powell
David Thompson

US Army All Amercian Game 1pm EST 1/7/12 NBC
Deon Bush
Stefon Diggs
Tracy Howard
Raphael Kirby
Tyriq McCord

Under Armour All American Game 1/5/12 7:30 EST ESPN
Wes Brown
Preston Dewey
Eddie Goldman
Angelo Jean-Louis
Duke Johnson

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Thanks for the list 3FW. We need to have this thread saved for a little while...adding to the list if more come on UM's radar.
I love the reports coming from the practices, granted a lot of them turn out to be nonsense.
The UA game is the game I a most looking forward too.
Are there so many all stars now that 3 games need to be played?
Is anyone going to record the game tomorrow?