3-star WR Drayton updates latest

3-star WR Drayton updates latest

Stefan Adams
2019 3-star WR Matt Drayton’s first offer has also been his biggest one to date. That offer? It came from the Miami Hurricanes.

“Yes sir, the feeling was indescribable to know I received my first offer to play at the next level and D1 football,” Drayton explained.

Lately, though, communication between Drayton and the staff at Miami has fallen off.

“I haven’t talked to any of them lately,” he said.

While the Canes WR board is small right now, if contact picked back up, Drayton says he would still be open to playing for Miami. It’s the many past greats that were developed at UM, along with the educational opportunities, that would keep Drayton’s interest.

“I like that they’re big on education,” Drayton said of the Canes. “I like the brand of football they play, the excitement they bring to college football, and they also produce big time athletes.”

Of the programs he’s been hearing from most lately, Drayton says it’s mostly Group of 5 schools.

“Troy, South Alabama, WKU, and Colorado State,” Drayton said.

Drayton is a star receiver for a Jacksonville Raines team that won a state title last season, and Drayton is looking to turn a productive junior season into an explosive senior finale.

“My junior year was good,” Drayton said. “We did great, we went to the State championship and won. I had 26 receptions for 463 yards and 4 TD’s.”

While Drayton isn’t yet ready to name favorites, he does state he will be making his choice sometime this summer before his senior season. Football is always big in any recruit’s decision, but it’s clear academics will play a large role in wherever Drayton ultimately ends up.

“I’m looking for school that’s big on education, but also has the career path I’m looking for to carry out my dreams.”


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This guy has about as good a chance at signing with Miami as Rosier does at winning the Heisman. Maybe worse.
Seems like a good kid. Good luck to him in the future!
come on guys...Gotta be a better kid to check in on than this.
Why are we doing articles on guys that we have no contact with and zero chance of ending up here? Kids like this are going to end up at Utah if they’re lucky.
Good luck to the young man wherever he goes. We have great relationships up in Jax now. I’m happy we’re monitoring all our options there. He seems like a good kid who will be a team player and make the most of his time at school, even if not at Miami. That’s what these scholarships were intended for originally. So all power to him.