2022 LB Graham sees recruitment explode, in touch with T-Will

2022 LB Graham sees recruitment explode, in touch with T-Will

Stefan Adams
Since his junior film began making the rounds last month, 2022 Stranahan (FL) LB Omar Graham has become the newest fast-rising prospect in the local South Florida area, as he has landed 17 D-I offers in the past month alone.

It’s not hard to see why Graham’s recruitment exploded after a junior season of putting up eye-popping numbers, as Graham acted as a feared pass-rushing weapon from his linebacker spot for the Mighty Dragons during 2020 in posting 38 tackles, 11 TFL, 9 sacks and a FR in just 3 games of recorded stats (5 games played total).

“During quarantine, I grinded way harder than usual. This past season, I was more versatile by rushing off the edge and being at linebacker more, so I guess that helped a lot with my recruitment. I also got a lot bigger and faster,” Graham said. “It’s been great because I used to wish for coaches to see me, but now I have a lot of coaches calling and texting me. I love the process so far.”

The 6’1” 205-pound prospect has earned recent bids from programs such as Florida, Penn State, FSU, Mississippi State, and South Carolina, as well as the local Miami Hurricanes just two weekends ago.

“Coach (David) Cooney called my head coach, coach (Travis) Harden, and told him I had the offer. Later on that day, I talked to their South Florida recruiter, coach Eric Hickson,” Graham said. “We just had a conversation about how we were going to build a relationship, just to keep in touch and keep calling and texting with him. It felt great because ‘The U’ is close to home and it’s such a great school.”

Yesterday, Graham texted with newly hired inside LB coach Travis Williams, and expects to get on a phone/Zoom call with him in the next few days. It seems the recruitment of Graham could be a tag team effort between Williams and Hickson, as, according to Graham, Hickson and Stranahan head coach Travis Harden have a strong relationship as well.

“Some of our team went to a visit up there one time and they kept in touch since, but coach E Hickson also went to Dillard, so he has a name down here,” Graham said.

What has Graham interested in potentially playing for the Hurricanes at the next level?

“Just the history they have, the tradition,” Graham said. “Putting on for my city, that would be a great experience.”

Graham also says he has had an affinity for the Florida State Seminoles for a long time, and as the Noles have been coming after him hard since mid-January, he has quickly built a connection with multiple members of their coaching staff.

“It’s a brand new relationship - when they offered me, that’s when we started talking,” Graham said. “It’s been great, I’ve been speaking with them constantly. I talk with coach (Mike) Norvell, coach (Ron) Dugans, coach (Chris) Marve, and coach (Adam) Fuller. They’ve just been telling me it’s a great tradition there, the logo there holds a lot of weight, it’s very known. They’re just trying to bring it back to where it was.”

As for the rest of his recruitment, Graham has not visited any campuses just yet, but expects to start narrowing his options later this month, and he is focused on having a decision in place sometime this spring.

“I know I will be releasing a top 10 soon, most likely in the month of February,” Graham said. “And then I think I will make a decision around April or May. I don’t have a set date, but once I do, I’ll let everyone know.”

In terms of factors that will be important to him when making a commitment, the Stranahan star has a well-thought out list of preferences he will be using to evaluate potential suitors.

“I’ll be looking for a great relationship with the coaches, a place where I can feel at home, great academics, a place where they will develop me, and just to be around people I can trust.”


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I love the notion of a room of people discussing a team mascot and someone goes "how about the dragons?" then someone else says "it's not strong or fearsome enough. We should be the MIGHTY dragons."

Can't be mistaken for those puny, weak impostor dragons.
Kid has some potential. Highlights are predominantly him as a run stopper and pass rusher. Overall has sound play diagnostics. Has no idea what to do with himself in pass coverage. But puts himself in position to make the play.

I'd want to see his SPARQ and short shuttle times. He'd be a project. But assuming he's as quick as he looks on film, he could be a great add to the class.

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