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2021 Signing Day Profile: LB Tyler Johnson

2021 Signing Day Profile: LB Tyler Johnson

Stefan Adams
2021 Killian (FL) LB Tyler Johnson signed with the Miami Hurricanes today.

The 6-2, 200-pounder is currently a consensus 3-star in the national rankings. According to the 247Composite, Johnson is the #529 player nationally, the #31 OLB in the country, and the #77 player in Florida.

Recruiting Story

It’s been stated many times at this point, but here’s one more for good measure: Tyler is the younger brother of former Hurricanes safety Jaquan Johnson. At Paradise Camp in July 2018, Johnson played a lot of linebacker and earned his UM offer the next day. Johnson always wanted to be a Hurricane and it wouldn’t take long for him to come aboard. He committed to the Canes at junior day in February of 2019 and didn’t entertain other offers the rest of the way through. UGA was Johnson’s other major offer at the time. Johnson was arguably Miami’s quietest commit in the class, as he shied away from interviews and social media throughout the process.


Although the Canes took Johnson as a linebacker, most of his tape is at DE in high school; basically every film clip is of him rushing the passer, either with his hand on the ground or standing up just off the edge, although he did play more LB as a senior this season. Johnson received rave reviews at Paradise Camp 2019, with many observers and staffers calling him the best LB in attendance. Johnson was stifling in the cat and mouse drills, winning every rep I saw out there. He proved he could stick at linebacker long term and that versatility will go a long way in providing value to Miami, because his speed rushing in off the edge is a problem for offenses.

Johnson’s feet never stop moving, and that’s key for someone that’s undersized like he is right now going up against much larger offensive linemen and tight ends. Johnson is all speed, and it is hard for high school level offensive lineman to even get a hand on him with his quick first step. He rushes in with good lean and dips low to propel himself around the edge. Johnson flashes disruptive qualities in gaps and seemingly always finds a window to knife his way into the backfield. Just like his brother, coaches and teammates are effusive in their praise of Tyler, calling him a weight room warrior, hard worker, and a leader both on and off the field.

The Team

Johnson joins Edgewater (FL) 3-star Deshawn Troutman as UM’s two LB signees in the class. The linebacker position was arguably Miami’s biggest weakness during the 2020 season, as the group really struggled with an overall lack of speed and maintaining their run fits. Zach McCloud has been at Miami for 5 years and could easily call it a career, while BJ Jennings should not feel safe in his starting role. Young talents like Sam Brooks and Corey Flagg flashed at various points of the season and will have every opportunity to overtake McCloud and Jennings in 2021. Waynmon Steed finally stayed healthy this season and looks like a solid depth player, while Tirek Austin-Cave and Avery Huff are talents UM is still high on for the future.

Redshirt Probability: 5/10

There’s potentially going to be a logjam at LB in terms of numbers, but the depth chart is littered with uninspiring veterans and mostly unproven youngsters. That creates an opening for a player like Johnson that possesses the speed upgrade UM has been looking to infuse into this LB group, although Johnson is going to have an adjustment period to playing the position full-time. How quickly he makes that adjustment and gets the defensive scheme down will ultimately determine if he takes a redshirt or not, but he will be aided in his quest for PT by enrolling in time for spring ball.


Comments (17)

No you hear about him alright..on this site the only thing people have said is that if you need some backup in a street brawl, hes a good guy to have on your side because apparently he likes to mix it up and has temper. lol. Lets hope that translates well on the field.

Welcome to the U!
Just keep him away from people off the field
He's gonna come in physically strong as ****. He's at Idolmaker every day going crazy, but he's built like a rover right now, will probably start off on special teams.
Any reason he didn’t enroll for summer 1?
Very intrigued with this kid. I know he’s gonna take a shirt most likely and probably won’t play a ton til he’s a junior but the coaches were supposedly enamored with him and his tools. Hopefully this isn’t another edge rusher conversion failure
something to do with paperwork getting cleared on time. He didn't get everything done until last minute. He could enroll this week still.
That’s concerning. We shouldn’t be babysitting a kid to make sure he has his sh*t in order. He’s 18, not 10.
That’s concerning. We shouldn’t be babysitting a kid to make sure he has his sh*t in order. He’s 18, not 10.

Oh come on, talk to any 17/18 year old kid applying to college and a vast majority are lost trying to figure their ish out on what needs to be done. It could also be the school, if he took a summer class late to get credits needed and it didn't pop up on his transcript in time not his fault. Also like Hoya said he might be on campus by Friday, clearly not a big deal but lets not bash the kid when we have no idea what the hold up was.

Edit: I am also excited for this kid. Looks more fluid in his tape than some other edge to lb takes we have taken over the years, has good burst and is a little crazy. I doubt TF starter but I am excited to see him on ST and get some licks in.
something to do with paperwork getting cleared on time. He didn't get everything done until last minute. He could enroll this week still.
Thanks. odd that he doesn’t have everything in order when he was originally supposed to be an early enrollee

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