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2021 NFL Draft Profile: K Jose Borregales

2021 NFL Draft Profile: K Jose Borregales

Brad Tejeda
Jose Borregales started his career at Florida International University where he went 50 for 66 on field goals and 131 for 134 on extra points in his three year career with the Panthers. To Jose, those were good numbers, but he knew that he could do better and wanted to show the world that he was talented enough to make it in the NFL.

Jose transferred to Miami after the 2019 season so he could kick in big-time games and make a name for himself. In 2020, he improved his field goal percentage from 75% at FIU to a whopping 90.9% at Miami. Jose only missed 2 field goals (20 for 22), with one of them being blocked, hit a career long 57-yarder against Louisville, and was perfect on his extra point attempts (37 for 37). These numbers were enough to win the Lou Groza award, the award that he had been a finalist for at FIU but never won.

Pre Draft Measurables

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 206

Arms: 29 ⅝”

Hands: 9 ⅜”


Leg Strength

The University of Miami rarely allowed yards on kickoffs because of Borregales, as most of his kickoffs resulted in touchbacks. On top of that, Jose hit a 57-yarder against Louisville, flexing his leg strength (kick would’ve hit from 63+). Overall, he has a very strong career resume on kicks of 50+ yards (6 for 8, 75%). The skill to make long field goals will definitely help his draft stock, as the ability to score points from a distance is extremely beneficial for any team.


When you only miss 2 kicks as a senior, and one of them being blocked, it shows how accurate you are as a kicker. The only kick Jose missed that wasn’t blocked was against Duke, a 42-yarder from the right hash that went wide left. A majority of Jose’s field goals throughout his time at Miami were right down the middle as well.


Consistency on Intermediate Kicks

Jose was perfect on intermediate kicks from 30-39 yards (6 for 6) at the University of Miami during his senior season; however, the year prior at FIU, he was just 6 for 11 from that range, as well as only 3 for 5 in 2018. This is something that Jose has definitely worked to improve on, but some scouts are questioning if this was a one-year aberration, as the lack of intermediate consistency led to him being an overall sub-75% FG kicker in both 2019 (72.4%) and 2018 (73.7%).

Draft Projection: 4th Round - 7th Round (Day Three)

Borregales was automatic during his solo year at the University of Miami, but the consistency the Lou Groza Award winner played with in 2020 will need to continue in the NFL, as keeping a job in the league has become extremely difficult. Still, you know the scouts are struggling to find downsides to your game when they are citing things from 2 years ago that you seemed to completely correct this season. According to CBS Sports, Jose is the #1 kicker in the NFL Draft; even knowing only a handful of kickers hear their name called each season, Borregales seems like a lock to be drafted at this point, and his skillset leads you to believe he will be a day three pick like most kickers that are drafted into the NFL.

*Max Kesselhaut contributed to this article.



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Comments (15)

I want this kid to kick in the League until he's 40. Or, collect a few checks, retire early with eight figures in his bank account and slay for the rest of his days, whatever he wants to do.

College Football GIF by Miami Hurricanes
he's a dawg, i was so hurt to see him kicking the sheet out that football vs fiu 2019 against us lol but true cane legend can't wait to see him on sundays!
ignoring the fact I sent him flowers, chocolates, and stalked him with fan mail after the Louisville game...

He was average.

Hope he has one heck of a career.
He will 100% get drafted.

I've know this kid since he was in HS and he's always been good...but I couldn't believe HOW good he was last year and I had high expectations. He is a pro.
Where’s the love for this kid?

he helped humiliate us and then came over to help help us win.

sent his equally brother to fill his shoes at The U

Kickers like him score 10-20% of the scores for their teams.

kid deserves a 2nd round spot.
He will 100% get drafted.

I've know this kid since he was in HS and he's always been good...but I couldn't believe HOW good he was last year and I had high expectations. He is a pro.
Well, now he can sign with any team he wants, because all of them are going to want him. Dude deserved to be drafted.
He will do fine as a UDFA. In some ways it's better than being a 7th round pick because he gets to choose his team and renegotiate his contract a year earlier than a 7th rounder would (so he'd make up for any lost money). Also, since he was undrafted, I believe no compensation is required as a restricted free agent after year 3
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Borgalles a straight up DOG!!! He’ll make many pay.

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