2021 Miami Central OL Laurence "Big Baby" Seymore talks about his commitment to Miami

2021 Miami Central OL Laurence "Big Baby" Seymore talks about his commitment to Miami

Miami held their annual Underclassmen day yesterday and Coral Gables was buzzing with recruiting news. Miami landed four commits through the day, but the one that surprised fans was the commitment of 2021 Miami Central OL Laurence "Big Baby" Seymore. Laurence sat down with CanesInSight to discuss what went into his decision to commit to the Hurricanes.

"I committed to Miami because that is my dream school," Seymore said. "I get a chance to rep my city and I'm just trying to follow after Navaughn (Donaldson) leaves. I'll keep it going and I'm trying to change the game for an offensive lineman with the gameplay and the swag. Also, I'm trying to be the best lineman to come out of Miami Central and the University of Miami."

Seymore made his way to campus yesterday with an open mind about Miami and he was blown away by the tempo of practice.

"It was great getting a chance to see how the college level practices and the speed of the practices are amazing, like the tempo," Seymore said. "Overall I had a great time."

The 6'3”290-pound freshman has visited a few campuses already, but he says they're a real difference between the other schools and Miami.

"I've visited FAU and FIU," Seymore said. "Miami is different from the others. Miami is a good fit for me because they throw the ball and they pull the guards. The pace of the offense is fast and coach Stacy Searels shows a lot of love to me."

Seymore currently has three offers from FAU, South Carolina, and Miami, but the freshman knows he has to keep improving his craft to reach his full potential.

"Right now I'm just focusing on getting my max up and getting my feet work faster," Seymore said. "My expectation is for me to be the number one player in my class and I'm going to be the leader of this recruiting class because I'm a different type of breed, I bring a different type of style and swag to the game."

Big Baby has a message for Canes fans:

"My message is just to get ready for a show from Laurence Seymore aka BigBaby #SwagKing."

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Ive coached several games against Big Baby. He always came hard and matched force with force. Never relied simply on his size. Wed have our biggest on him. Our undersized workhorses on him and hed win a lot of the matchups. Wed try and tire him out...didnt always work.

Also a guy everyone loves to play with, hang out with. Hes going to be a kid that draws his boys to play with him. Hes always played with other elite players, too with the Hurricanes and PPO.

Happy to have Big Baby on board.
Welcome to The U!!! Expecting you to bring the savage and swag🙌🙌🙌
Love it. You know the kid is the goods when he has a nickname as a freshman in HS.
Good interview. It’s interesting that almost every kid has commented on how intense and fast our practices are. That’s how they were back in the day. Antrel Rolle told a story recently about how he liked UF when he was a recruit, and then he went to a Miami practice and it was so much more competitive and intense than whatever the turds were doing that he had to be a ‘Cane.
Eick, I have see his height listed from 6-1 to 6-3. Any idea what his real height is at present?
Good interview! One recommendation - can you ask the kid what his height/weight is during these interviews? It’s always a good reference point