2021 4-star RB Pryor discusses Miami, close to narrowing down list

2021 4-star RB Pryor discusses Miami, close to narrowing down list

Stefan Adams
2021 William Amos Hough (NC) 4-star RB Evan Pryor made sure to make his name known in 2018. As a sophomore, he rushed for 912 yards and 10 TD’s, while also adding 24 catches for 277 yards and another 4 TD’s out of the backfield. Pryor also helped lead the Huskies to an 11-3 season, where they fell in the third round of the playoffs against Zebulon B. Vance.

“My sophomore season was great. It was a great learning season on maturing as a running back. We were shooting for a state title but came up short,” Pryor said. “Also think my game shot up to another level. That’s gone unnoticed. I’m versatile, I do everything.”

That big sophomore season led to offers from all around the country, including from the Miami Hurricanes.

“One of the coaches came to the school and gave me the offer,” Pryor said of UM. “Getting the offer was an honor and a blessing.”

The ultimate goal for the 5-10 190 pound running back is to make it to the NFL, and based on their past history at the position, Pryor knows that Miami has what it takes to get him there.

“I know that they have a long history of greats and putting guys in the league, that’s what attracts me,” Pryor said of UM.

The next step in the process is to take a visit to campus, something that Pryor hopes to accomplish over the summer to see if Miami is a fit for his top group.

“I hope to visit soon,” Pryor said of UM. “I have a top 10 dropping soon, so I hope to see what they are about.”

As for those that could make up his top 10, Pryor has a diverse offer list that also includes bids from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Michigan, and Texas A&M to name a few. He’s also spent this spring going on visits and expects to do the same over the summer.

“I visited Oregon, ASU, and UNC this month. I want to be decided by this time next year,” Pryor said. “Something I’m looking for is the family vibe.”


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He’s fixing to be a JR in high school man...

Put yourself in his shoes what the **** were you doing at 15-16... trying to get up in some *** I bet. He’s making decisions that can effect his livelihood/family

Don’t even bother.
There is a distinction between a kid doing his due diligence while making a choice that will greatly impact his future, and a kid feeling the need to advertise and publicize that process on social media for attention at every turn.

I am sympathetic to the former, and while I don't condone the latter, I recognize it is just a negative (and normal) aspect of the world we live in. The more talented recruits generally seek out the attention on social media. But these kids are no different than the millions of other self-absorbed a$$holes living their lives through social media. The ones who take pictures of every meal they eat or place they ever visit and put it up on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook immediately, because they care more about how others perceive their lives than they do about those actual experiences.

Getting mad at teenagers for documenting the process for attention/likes/follows on social media seems unfair to me, though I get being put off by it.
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