2021 4-star LB Lewis knows where he wants to go, will be family decision

Stefan Adams
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Ever since they offered him back in January, 2021 Miami Northwestern 4-star LB Terrence Lewis has been one of the top prospects on UM’s board. Lewis has also reciprocated that interest, taking advantage of the close proximity of Miami’s campus to visit upwards of 4 times this past spring.

“It’s going great with Miami, I just spoke to them yesterday. I talked to coach (Demarcus) Van Dyke,” Lewis said. “It’s close to home and they’re recruiting me very hard, probably the hardest of anyone. Staying home is one thing I like about them.”

Lewis noted that having his family being able to see him play was a key factor for him, so naturally his parents are high on the local Hurricanes’ program as well.

“My parents, they like Miami, they enjoy it,” Lewis said. “We’ll probably go to Miami during the season, see some home games.”

Of course, Lewis was originally committed to the Florida Gators for about three months before he decided with his family that he needed to take a more open approach to the recruiting process. Lewis ended up decommitting from UF just after visiting Miami for their spring scrimmage in April.

“Me and my dad came to the decision to open it up and see what other people have to offer too,” Lewis said. “They’re still in it, though. I went to UF recently, their practice was nice, it was cool.”

Speaking more generally about where he’s at in the recruiting process, Lewis says he has taken multiple visits at this point and, surprisingly, now has a school in mind where he can see himself at for the next four years.

“So far, I’ve been to Texas A&M, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and UM,” Lewis said. “I’ll make a decision sometime next year between junior and senior year. I already know where I want to go, I just want to make sure.”

While he takes steps to be certain that the program he has in mind is 100% where he wants to be, Lewis will take some more visits, although he has none currently set up as of now. When he does feel ready to announce his decision, it’s clear the choice will be family-oriented.

“With a school, I want to see what they could do with me and my family, because it’s a decision I have to make with them too.”

As a sophomore at Miami Northwestern in which he helped the Bulls win a state title, Lewis recorded a monster stat-line of 102 tackles, 35 TFL, 15 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, and 1 INT.


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“With a school, I want to see what they could do with me and my family, because it’s a decision I have to make with them too.”

He gone!
I guess that he spoke with Sony Michel and Sony let him know everything they did for him and his family. Don't know exactly what they did for Rique and specifically his fam; but they did something.
Oh my god, we have a chance to flip a Gaytor recruit? I thought they just take who they want, whenever they want, assuming that they want.
Lol at these Miami kids seriously considering TAMU. What are they winning? What first round LBs are they pumping out? None, well i wonder why they like them? Hmmm

And if anyone says Von Miller I’ll slap the **** out of you. But atleast the kid is honest, no shame in his game. I respect it lol.
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Looks like whoever it may be, they will be $EC. Hope not and hope it is us.
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