2020 South Dade OG Denis lands offer at Underclassman Day, calls UM his "dream school"

2020 South Dade OG Denis lands offer at Underclassman Day, calls UM his "dream school"

Stefan Adams
2020 South Dade OG Jonathan Denis is only just finishing his sophomore year of high school, but that hasn’t prevented him from becoming a hot commodity on the recruiting trail. Denis has blown up lately and received 5 D-I offers within the past week, coming from Florida, Florida State, Oregon, and Tulane. Denis then made the short trip to Coral Gables for Miami’s Underclassman Day this past weekend and capped his amazing week when his “dream school” extended a scholarship.

“The offer felt great, and what made it even better is Miami is my dream school,” Denis said.

Denis is being recruited by the staff as a guard/center. Even with a UM offer in hand now, the 6'3" 280 pounder says he still views the Canes the same as always, which is very highly.

“Even before I had the offer, Miami has always been amazing in my eyes,” Denis said.

Miami’s Underclassman Day featured over 50 prospects mostly from the South Florida area, and Denis made the trip with some teammates and coaches.

“The visit was great, I loved being able to watch some of my old teammates like DJ Ivey practice and also one of my friends, Delone Scaife,” Denis said. “Seeing how they’ve improved already just shows you the type of school Miami is. They want to get their kids stronger and faster and better overall. Category20 looking pretty nasty after today’s commitments.”

Watching his close friends in practice was fun for Denis, but his favorite part about the event was watching a certain lineman he idolized back in middle school.

“It’s also more amazing watching the people I use to idolize back as an 8th grader, like Navaughn Donaldson,” Denis said. “Watching him in person and how he works means a lot.”

While it seems Denis has a lot of friends and personal ties to the current Miami team, that’s not the only aspect of Coral Gables that appeals to him.

“I love the coaching staff,” Denis said. “I like the way they all coach and how they can identify each of their player’s flaws and tell them how to fix it. Again, that shows a lot about the school and the coaches.”

After the great visit, Denis was comfortable enough putting UM in his top 4, but decided to keep the rest of the programs in the quartet to himself. He does plan on visiting some other schools soon, although his trips might have to wait until the summer.

“Yes, I just don’t know where yet exactly,” Denis said of his upcoming visits. “Because now spring ball is around the corner and it’s almost that time to get back to work.”

So, what is Denis most looking forward to in his junior year at South Dade?



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Future Cane.

South Dade is pumping out the players at the moment.
Future Cane.

South Dade is pumping out the players at the moment.
jkaz, spot on but need to confirm U also mean for the past years of Golden and back further these BEASTS, WR, DB's been here ignored , why would the U ever ever do something like IGNORING HOME GROWN STUDS and act like oh well our needs are up north NOTHING TO SEE IN OUR BACK YARD......

South Florida Talent is only getting better. Elite local prospects in the trenches are now becoming more and more common.