2020 DB Rolle shows out at Under Armour Miami, loves the Canes

2020 DB Rolle shows out at Under Armour Miami, loves the Canes

Stefan Adams
2020 Deerfield Beach CB Louis Rolle was out at the UA All-America Miami camp a few weeks back trying to put his name on the radar a bit more. Rolle fought off injury to hold his own at the event, and talked about his experience.

“My hamstring was hurt a bit, but other than that, I did pretty good,” Rolle said.

So, who were the toughest covers out at the camp?

“(Marcus) Rosemy was kinda good, and the other St. Thomas receiver (Xavier Restrepo) too,” Rolle said.

Rolle started as an underclassman on a loaded Deerfield defense and began making a name for himself locally in South Florida. He will hope to build on that solid performance as a rising junior in 2018.

“I started as a sophomore at Deerfield Beach High,” said Rolle. “I play corner. I used to be an athlete, but there was a lot of competition at Deerfield, so I picked to focus on one position. Against Carol City, I did a pretty good job, caught an interception when they tried to throw at me. They didn’t really know me back then, they tried me. I caught the pick and after that we won the game. I also started against St. Thomas and did pretty good. I went against one of the best receivers in the nation and did pretty good. We finished 10-2 actually.”

It’s still early on in the recruiting process for the young Rolle, but he already has an offer from Northern Illinois, while others are hot on his trail.

“I got my first offer from NIU recently, Temple been talking to me, and Northern Arizona too,” said Rolle.

So, while Rolle isn’t currently hearing from Miami, he’d like to be.

“If they came talking to me, definitely would be interested,” Rolle said on the Canes. “I went to their camp (Paradise) and did pretty good. After, they told me they’d come to a game, and if I did good during the game, I’d get an offer. That was from coach Mike Rumph.”

A good way to earn an offer from the Canes is to play your way into it on the field at Paradise Camp and Rolle plans on returning to the camp this year as well to try and secure that UM offer. While the Canes are the hometown team for the 5’9” 155 pound corner, it’s not only location that attracts Rolle to UM.

“I like the hype,” Rolle said. “The Turnover chain, I love that, I love that! You know it’s the hometown team, we’re always turning up, the intensity is high, the coaches always be on their players.”

Very soon, Rolle and the rest of his Deerfield team will be tripping to Miami’s campus and other colleges across the nation.

“We’re actually going on a tour to 33 colleges,” said Rolle.

Rolle said teammate Ge’mon Eaford would be joining the tour as well. When asked if Eaford was still feeling the Canes, Rolle had this to say: “I mean, the whole team likes the Canes, it’s the hometown team!”

The recruiting process is still in it’s infancy for Rolle and there’s a long way to go for him at this stage to land on a final decision, but he plans on choosing a school before his senior year. That school will have stood out by way of education.

“Me, it’s mostly academics,” Rolle said. “They gotta have a nice academics program for me because I also want to do other things than just play football. I wanna take that degree and use it.”


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