2019 CB Joshua Sanguinetti talks Canes

2019 CB Joshua Sanguinetti talks Canes


Yesterday Miami wide receivers coach Ron Dugans made his way up to Broward county, and one of his many stops was at University School to check in WR/CB Joshua Sanguinetti.

Coach Dugans left University School without offering Sanguinetti, but today the offer finally came.

"It's a blessing," said Sanguinetti. "This is one of my dream offers."

Sanguinetti has offers from West Virginia, Mississippi St, Syracuse and others, but the Hurricanes have been a program that he's very interested in.

"It's close to home -- I watch almost all of Miami's games, so this is very special to me."

Despite Miami not being Sanguinetti's first offer, the Hurricanes have always kept close tabs on him.

"Coach Dugans has talked to me before," said Sanguinetti. "He wants me to come down to campus to check out one of their bowl game practices -- he also wants me to come to paradise camp this summer."

While college coaches are mainly focused on football and football only, Ron Dugans left a special message to Sanguinetti that caught his attention.

"He was telling me how Miami is different from other schools -- he really cares about his players and they really teach their kids life lesson, and they prepare them for the real world."


Sanguinetti is also close friends with 2019 RB Kenny McIntosh and they both have discussed playing together in college.

"We've talked about it multiple times -- I think we're going to play our college ball together."


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Best ATH designated highlights I've seen and he's only a sophomore! This kid can truly play on both sides.