2018 Miami commit talks Canes

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Coming off their first state championship since 1999, Miami Southridge is ready to repeat as state champions, while the team has been loaded with WR's like Mark Pope, Kemore Gamble, Rodney Scott etc. One player has been flying under the radar for them, that player is 2018 Miami commit Daquris Wiggins.


"We're all hungry to go back to Orlando and win back to back," said Wiggins "At the wide receiver position, this is Mark's, Myself and my cousin Jordan Dillard's team.

Wiggins has been committed to Miami for over two years now, and while he committed to Miami under the previous staff, is his commitment solid?

"I'm 100% committed to Miami." Wiggins said "I've never wavered from my commitment, It's been a dream of mine since I was five years old to play college football for the University of Miami. This is truly a dream come true."

Wiggins isn't the most vocal guy when it comes to recruiting players to Miami, but there's one player he's recruiting very hard

"Mark Pope -- I'm in his ear every single day about Miami." said Wiggins "We built a great relationship since I came over from Killian and i want him to be my teammate at the next level."

"And with the guys we have committed now in 2018, I've known Josh Jobe since pop warner, I'm good friends with Gilbert and DJ Ivey, and now Delone just transferred to Southridge so we have a good relationship."

And just to put icing on the cake, Miami recently hired Southridge OC David Cooney as part of the staff, so how does Wiggins feel about this?

"This just solidifies my commitment. Coach Cooney is like a big brother to all of us. He's always looking out for his players and he always wants them to succeed."

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Dee Wiggins is my favorite 2018 recruit. Not a diva, elite football player that excels with the pads on or off, and actively recruits high caliber players around him. Wish more SoFlorida guys followed suit.
He is going to skyrocket up the rankings

I agree...I was wondering with all the pub Mark Pope gets and Wiggins (somewhat) modest numbers if we got the wrong SR guy...But just watch the highlights he does have--they fly off the screen.
Great to see such a strong commitment this early in the game.
dont see the hype with pope to be honest

Idk if he has any updated highlights, but although his HUDL stuff from 2015 was unimpressive, if you took the time to check out Southridge games this year you would have seen game breaking explosiveness and moves. Alledgedly has good hands, too. Rumors that Bama has allotted quite a bit of the salary cap for him...let's hope +Cooney -Cristobal can work for us.
He and the other top local commits and those considering The U are a true sign that kids are now believing in the U. After hearing the Bag Man video, the real problem will be family and handlers delivering kids for "cash" considerations. I no longer believe that the kids aren't feeling Miami, in the case of top talent, these kids are going to bamer for cash obligations.