2018 Mark Pope "Who wouldn't want to play in their hometown"

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Miami Southridge has over 15+ division one prospects on their team, but there's one that has college coaches drooling for next recruiting cycle -- 2018 wide receiver Mark Pope.

"Mark is the type of player that can change the game with one play." said Southridge HC Billy Rolle "He's such a high energy guy, his teammates love and respect him."

Pope has every school in the nation after him, but there's three school that have separated themselves from the rest

"Florida, Miami and Alabama are the three schools recruiting me the hardest right now." Pope said

Here are his thoughts on all three:

Miami "Miami is home, I have a great relationship with all of the coaches, especially coach Dugans. I'm always visiting and attending the games and who wouldn't want to play in their hometown?"

Alabama "Alabama is home away from home, I like how they use their wide receivers (Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley). They're saying i could be the next man up of the great wide receivers they've gotten from south florida (Amari Cooper, Calvin Ridley and Jerry Jeudy) and it's Alabama, they're the hottest team right now."

Florida Florida is sort of the same with Miami in the whole family environment. I have a great relationship with their wide receivers coach and coach MacElwain."

Speaking of Miami wide receivers coach Ron Dugans, Pope and Dugans have built a pretty special relationship

"That's my guy," said Pope "He's always checking up on me like I'm one of his sons, he done a great job with the Miami receivers (Ahmonn Richards to be specific). He's telling me I would be able to come in and play right away."

Pope has teammate's who are both committed to Florida and Miami, but he says it doesn't effect his recruitment

"They know that I'm going to do my thing, Billy (UM) Daquris (UM) and Kemore (UF) are always in my ear about the schools they're committed to. I ask them how i would look in their respected uniforms."

Pope has a prediction on how the Canes will finish the season

"I think the Canes win big tomorrow and i think they finish the season with five straight wins."

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Don't like how he refers to Bama as home away from home. Need these South Florida receivers to stop going to Bama.
Looks like another battle vs. Bama. Need to win the big games in order to get these type of kids. Miami needs to show they are the new "hot" team.
This will be a an absolute brawl with Bama and for the first time we have the ammunition to stand up to them with the wrs now we just have to win
The ones who "wouldn't want to play in their hometown" are either front runners, or paid. AKA most of the south Florida athletes with the skill level to truly go to the school of their choice.
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Need to get him. Can you imagine Richards as a junior, Cager as a senior, and him as a freshman? Plus that'll give Jack or Perry enough time to mature into the QB role
I like the fact that he knows Dugans name and refers to Alabama as the "WR Coach"
Don't know this kid and never once spoke to him. If I had to judge, and I'm probably stating the obvious - I'd say UF's a pretty decent third while we're close behind Bama. Don't feel good about this article considering he says who wouldn't like to play in front of their home town - then goes onto say that he considers Bama a home away from home.
The kiss of death.