2018 DB Edwards next up at Coconut Creek

2018 DB Edwards next up at Coconut Creek

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

The 2018 class in South Florida is stacked with talent in the defensive backfield. Frierson, Jobe, Samuel, Jr., Blades, Jr. and Surtain, Jr. are just a few names from the area that have already received national attention.

Miguel Edwards from Coconut Creek belongs in the same breath as those prospects as he showed during his team’s spring scrimmage, tallying three interceptions playing safety.

Not only does Edwards have the length at 6-feet, 170, but also his mental makeup has been built through playing alongside and learning from a duo of blue-chip prospects at his school the last two years. Trayvon Mullen is off to Clemson and Malek Young stayed home in Miami, but both have been instrumental to the development of Edwards over the past two seasons.

“They got me better because I’ve been going up against those guys since I was a freshman. The game is a lot slower for me now because of that,” the sophomore Edwards explained. “We all worked hard together, especially on technique and in the weight room. They pushed each other hard. I seen them actually put in the work so it motivates me."

Although it is still so early in the process for Edwards and he cannot officially have contact with collegiate coaches, schools such as Louisville, Alabama, and Miami have been sending him mail. The Miami Hurricanes were actually his first offer back in May 2015 and they stick out to Edwards as his childhood favorite.

“Growing up, I would always watch them. I love it, especially since one of my former teammates, Malek Young is there. I know the new coaching staff is going to get them back right,” Edwards said. “It seems like they are bringing it together, so we will see how this year plays out.”

Miami cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph was at Coconut Creek practice this spring evaluating Edwards.

“He was playing close attention to my technique so he seems like a guy who really cares about the fundamentals. I like him,” said Edwards.

Edwards has played a bit of both safety and cornerback. He is still figuring out where his money will be made, though.

“To be honest with you, I always ask myself that question. I really don’t know, but whatever position my coach plays me at, I’m fine with. My coach tells me I’m great wherever he plays me at,” he said.

Recruiting does not seem to be at the forefront of Edwards’ mind right now, but he has had preliminary discussions with his mother about her preferences.

“My mom has brought it up once or twice, but she always tells me to do what’s best for me because she will take a trip to come to my games. If I stay at home though, I know it would be a lot easier on her,” said Edwards.

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The depth at DB suck this year but is going to change dramatically with the next 2 classes.
Pete, in your opinion, what does this kid's FILM looks like? How is his TAPE?
Looks more like Boston College to me.
Give me blades, Campbell, Samuel, and this kid with jobe and frierson
give me a rainbow and I'll find a leprechaun holding a pot of gold. your expectations are about as reasonable. ..

Under the last staff this ignorant pessimism made more sense.

We're not taking 6 DB's in '18. People forget you can only have 85 scholarship players, not 200.

We likely take 4 DB's in '18, 5 only if a few guys transfer