2017 lineman Donaldson talks about committing to UM

2017 lineman Donaldson talks about committing to UM

Nash Williams
When I first met Navaughn Donaldson, he was a 14-year old, 6-foot-3, 300-pound lineman trying to get some exposure at local Nike SPARQ combine. Fast forward a year and a half and Donaldson is a 6-foot-5, 315-pound mammoth committed to the hometown Miami Hurricanes and is just starting to show his full potential.

"Oh well you know I had to commit to the Hurricanes because it's 'The U' and it's Miami. My mother doesn't have to go all the way across the state or something to watch my home games because the stadium is right there. I really like how close the players are together it's pretty much a family. The coaching staff I can really trust and they will be there for everything for me," said Donaldson.

Donaldson added that he is very close to coach Jorge Baez and was one of the biggest factors in his decision.

Donaldson's mother also had very nice things to say about the coaching staff and that she feels very comfortable sending her son to UM as opposed to other schools.

"I'm very excited for (Navaughn). I just wanted him to find a place that was better suited for him and that he and I will be comfortable with. It's also a great place for his academics especially the major he wants to get in to which is sports medicine," said Navaughn's mother.

"The coaches are great. They are very comforting and it's great knowing I can have someone on speed dial in case anything would happen to him while he is there he could just go to the campus hospital and use their facilities he wouldn't have to go all the way to Jackson (Memorial hospital). It's just awesome they have all the equipment they need right there on campus," she said.

When asked what his goals were for his junior season, Navaughn responded with, "No sacks allowed, and a national champiosnhip."

Donaldson said he thinks he will be able to make it to see at least two to three home games this year.

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I know FSU wanted this kid badly. glad we scooped them up. way better then Telfort.
I feel even less confident about him sticking now

What in that piece made you feel less confident? Are you a mind reader?

Nothing like that, when he first committed he had some shaky quotes and "Oh well you know I had to commit to the Hurricanes because it's 'The U' and it's Miami" sounds he just committing for time being just because its Miami, Idk maybe I'm reading too much into it
Rob Cassidy just released an article(which i cant see) That states "Miami will have to work hard to keep him". i Remember Amir Rasul's commitment starting out the same way, i just hope for a different outcome.