2016 WR Johnson has Deep Family Ties to UM

2016 WR Johnson has Deep Family Ties to UM

Tito Benach
2016 American Heritage (Fla.) receiver Brandon Johnson isn’t only a rising receiver for the Patriots, but he’s also playing for the basketball team.

“To be honest, I know I’m blessed because not a lot of people are able to do that, but I know I’m blessed because I can play both at a high level.”

Johnson is entering spring football now with the Patriots as they are coming off a state championship. The main message for the team is to not become complacent and stay focused.

“The main thing we’re trying to say is now we have a target on our back now that we won a state championship. We’re just working hard, everybody’s in the weight room working hard already and trying to get better for next season.”

The 6’3 167 pound receiver racked up 21 receptions last year for 6 touchdowns. The main goal heading into next season is not simply to have better stats, but rather get stronger.

“I’m not really looking for any stats, my main thing is I have to hit the weight room. I have to get stronger, so I know if I can get stronger the stats will come in. So right now my main goal is getting stronger and faster.”

The 2016 receiver is already hearing from a number of schools, but recently picked up an offer from the hometown Hurricane’s that resonates with him.

“It means the world to me because growing up I’ve always been a university of Miami fan and my father went there to play baseball. The night I talked to coach Hurlie Brown, it was amazing, I couldn’t describe the way I felt.”

Johnson’s father is former Hurricane Baseball star Charles Johnson who starred at Miami from 1989-1992. However, the connections to Miami don’t just stop at his father for the athletic receiver.

“My father Charles Johnson, my mom, she got her degree at Miami’s school of Music and my grandma worked their for about 30 years I believe. It just means a lot to the whole family.”

The Hurricane tradition does play a big role for Johnson and he does admit it’s something that he likes.

“It does because I’ve been such a fan of Miami for so long it factors in. It’s such a plus for me because it means a lot for me and my whole family.”

Outside of the family tradition, there is plenty more that intrigues the prospect that the university of Miami has to offer.

“I like the sporting programs obviously, but another thing I’m a fan of is their Marine Biology program. I want to major in Marine Biology and growing up people have always been telling me about how good the Marine Biology program is.”

Johnson is one of four other American Heritage football players who hold an offer from the Hurricanes including Torrance Gibson, Tarvarus McFadden and Dredrick Snelson. It’s no secret the idea of playing together is something that has caught his mind.

“It does intrigue me actually, it would be nice to play with those guys in college because of the connection we already have in high school, it would be real nice.”

Johnson also holds offers from Cincinnati, South Carolina and Louisville. He claims no leaders for the moment and is simply trying to enjoy the recruiting process.

One thing that will be instrumental in Johnson’s decision will be the academic side to the university.

“One is the academics, the academics have to be on point and a good athletic program and football program.”


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Eventually, we'll land a commitment from an AH kid, right?

Wheeler and Tucker don't count.
**** that is so cool he is Charles Johnson's kid...Thanks for the solid post Tito.
Let the kid enjoy the process. I'm sure his mum and dad are talking up the U.
Offer the waterboy if it means getting Gibson.
CJ called the Canes/Gators series a couple weeks ago, definitely has a lot of love for UM

A perfect fit, if I've ever heard of one.

Academics (Marine Bio, hello!).
6-3 167??? Dude must look like a pencil right now.
6-3 167??? Dude must look like a pencil right now.

he does....

kid was like 6'1 when isaw him 2 yrs ago.He has a wiry frame...like Lance Leggget but i believe he will put on weight
he's what a jr in high school? im sure by the time (hopefully) hes on the greentree he's at least another 10pounds heavier than he is now
Gotta be excited/hopeful since he is a prodigy. Lets hope he's the key to inking all the AH offers.
he's what a jr in high school? im sure by the time (hopefully) hes on the greentree he's at least another 10 pounds heavier than he is now
He's got two and a half years. He'll get there.