2016 QB Allison Loves Miami

2016 QB Allison Loves Miami

Tito Benach
Ever since the end of the fall season 2016 Palmetto (Fla.) quarterback Jack Allison has been rehabbing his ankle following surgery he had done in the off-season. While Allison isn’t very active right now, the rehab is going according to schedule.

“I had surgery a couple weeks after the season because I had a bone spur in my ankle and it really hurt. It’s going really good actually, I saw the doctor yesterday and I feel great and I’m on track to be a hundred percent by February 1st.”

Allison, who threw for 125 completions, 1440 yards and 18 touchdowns, committed to the Hurricanes prior to his junior season. Even with the Hurricanes rocky finish to the season, Allison remains committed to Miami.

“I’m still strong with it because Brad Kaaya is a freshman and to see what coach (James) Coley and coach Al Golden have done with him as an ACC Rookie of the year. He had a great season and we’re just on the rise and within the next couple years we’re going to be great.”

Allison admits that watching the true freshmen Brad Kaaya excel this past season is something that excites him about arriving in Coral Gables.

“It means that the offensive system that they have down there works. Brad Kaaya is a great quarterback, but it also shows that Coach (James) Coley has a great system. It’s awesome and it’s unbelievable.”

The Hurricanes current 2016 class features quite the number of talented receivers from Sam Bruce, Dionte Mullins and Ahmmon Richards. The prospect of Allison having a talented stable of receivers when he gets down to Miami makes him eager to work with them.

“It means a lot because all three of those guys’ highlight tape’s, they’re all really good. It makes me want to get down there and start working with them and it’s going to be awesome to have all three of them on the field.”

Miami offensive coordinator James Coley has built quite the connection with the Tampa native quarterback and always enjoys speaking to him.

“We talk about how our families are doing, how’s school and pretty much everything. He’s the type of person that every time you talk to him or be around him you want to be around him more. He’s just a real positive coach and I can’t wait to get coached by him.”

While Allison is being tracked by other schools looking to pry him away from his pledge to Miami, Allison seems intent on staying with Miami.

“There’s a couple, but the thing about it is I’m committed to Miami and I love Miami. I don’t have any plans to visit any other schools; I might just because I like going to camps and competing.”

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May be our most important recruit for 2016 class. Dare I say must get.
May be our most important recruit for 2016 class. Dare I say must get.

If we don't end the Folden show soon there will not be a 2016 class every other team is making adjustments to continue to recruit Florida and the surrounding states
Thanks Tito. He will be very nice present fro the next HC.
He's sold on Miami because we have one more year to get rid of Golden.
Jack Allison will have the honor and privilege of being the Hurricanes New Millennium Scott Covington.
Golden getting fired would not be a positive for our chances with this kid. Only due to the turmoil it would create. James Coley has this kid as much as everything else put together. Best case scenario, Fire Golden and the new coach retains James Coley. He will grow calling plays but he gets his hooks in QB's and that is valuable
Watched his junior tape. Not sure if they flagged off two TD's but he had 20.

I like Allison, he does have some more work to do in his mechanics though. Reminds me of Walsh.

He doesn't have the best supporting cast but he gets it done.