2016 in-state linebacker lands "dream offer" from UM

2016 in-state linebacker lands "dream offer" from UM

Nash Williams
In recent years, Miami Hurricanes fans that follow recruiting have grown accustomed to hearing recruits say that an offer from Miami, is a "dream offer." Recruits casually throw around those two words a lot nowadays and will end up signing with another university in the end.

Well, there might actually be a recruit out there who means those two words. His name is Greg Simmons and he is a 2016 inside linebacker from Fort Pierce Central high school in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Simmons has a couple offers from the likes of Maryland, Cincinnati, Bowling Green, and others, but on Tuesday he was offered by the 'Canes and finally received his "dream offer."

"I almost fainted and I had to sit down for a moment to collect all my thoughts," said Simmons after receiving the offer. "It was just a dream come true because all of the sacrifices and all of the hard work had finally paid off."

The 6-foot-2, 215-pounder says he and his dad are massive UM fans and never miss a game.

"I mean the University of Miami is one of the best colleges in America, period. I've grown up watching UM with my dad and we are both Miami fans in our heart. I never miss watching Miami play, man. Whether it's on TV or I'll go down to Sun Life Stadium to watch them play. It's just crazy how I went from watching them, to them watching my highlight film, to them offering me a full-ride scholarship. I just have to thank God," said Simmons.

Why wouldn't a lifelong UM fan like himself immediately jump at the opportunity and commit on the spot to play for his so-called, "dream school."

"My coaches and my father know what's best for me and they just told me to wait it out. Even if it's only a couple days, just weigh your options they told me. I wanted to jump at the gun, but my father and coaches reminded me to stay humble and give it some thought," said Simmons.

So what if the Hurricanes do in fact land Simmons' services? What kind of player will be stepping on to campus?

"I've always been taught to go get the ball because defense is most important. Just stopping an opponent from scoring determines the outcome of the game so I take pride in that. Off the field, I'm always humble. I haven't missed a practice since high school started. I'm always conditioning and just trying to improve myself and my teammates," said Simmons.

While a lot can change within the next 51 weeks before the 2016 National Signing Day, it is evident the Miami Hurricanes are in a very good position to land Greg Simmons.

Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2287535/highlights/52833375/v2

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How many linebackers are we taking?
Scrappy linebacker, reminds me a lot of the 2014 Jackson LB Osband Thompson. Wouldn't be surprised if he commits by summer's end.
he and Tatum seem to be good friends congratulating each other on twitter.
He is an immediate take. Kids that love miami that much and is good needs to be here
Probably one of the most well-spoken kids I have ever interviewed. A real good dude.
Shaq, Pinckney, Simmons, and Mccloud. My god. GOONS

Close that group off of the best lb in dade/broward and call it a day.....Could bew the undersized kid from central...kid from Jackson...or head into broward.

But this looks to be our best LB class since ag got here...plus these kids meet their prerequisite size limits..their all over 215 already.
I love this kid already. Someone that actually loves UM and wants to be here. i hope we can start getting more guys like this.
Sheds blocks (against high school linemen, but still encouraging), gets through traffic to the ball, seems to change direction well...good looking tape.
Kentucky just offered him yesterday and one of his teammates DE Anthony Knighton