2016 DL Thompson Would Commit if Offered

2016 DL Thompson Would Commit if Offered

Tito Benach
2016 Dillard (Fla.) defensive tackle Aaron Thompson isn’t a very large name in the South Florida high school spotlight at the moment, but he plans on changing that with this upcoming season.

“Yeah of course, I’m just trying to get out there and I’m gonna try my best this year to prove my name.”

Thompson is working with his team currently with spring football and feels the improvement and leaps the team is making.

“Spring is going great and we just played South Dade in a scrimmage game and we did very good.”

The 6’4 239-pound lineman has already racked up three offers from FIU, FAU and Pittsburgh, However, he is still receiving interest from a number of other schools.

“I’m talking to the University of Miami, Auburn, University of Florida and a whole bunch of other schools.”

The Hurricanes stand out the most to the powerful defensive tackle as he has had a passion for them ever since he was a young child.

“I’ve always the University of Miami since I was a little kid. Ray Lewis and Ed Reed we’re players I liked growing up.”

While the ‘Canes have yet to offer, it wouldn’t be a difficult decision for Thompson if he ever gets one.

“It would mean a lot because it’s my dream school; I would love to go there. If Miami were to offer me I would commit right there.”

The Gators are another school that is showing interest in the Dillard product.

“I went to their camp last year and got to see the school and talk to some of their coaches.”

Thompson is looking to add interest from other schools including Florida State, Alabama and N.C State.

During the summer, Thompson plans to attend camps at the University of Miami as well as Florida State.

Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2642151/aaron-thompson

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If AG messes this up I will be ****ed. Offer this man asap, kid has mad game.
note to the writers on here can we drop the "dream school" phrase if a recruit says it?
dolpterry, the sophomore is only 16 years old. In three years he could easily be more than 280. That might not be big enough to be a nose guard, but enough to get some playing time at tackle if he has good technique and knows his assignments.
I am all about going S. FLA local first in UM recruiting then going out of state but for the style of 2 gap defense UM is running Thompson would need to gain 70lbs of muscle weight to play an interior position now as for SDE I think if he really works hard on his speed and explosion then I would say he has a shot at Strong Side DE. I say if the kid plays out of his mind at AG's Camp next month and earns it then he will get an offer he seems to have the desire to get one an I wish him good luck.

Now a player that does fit the interior positions for UM's 2 gap system an is currently under the radar for the 2016 class but will rise threw the recruiting ranks is 6'3" 309lbs 2016 NT Christian Colon from independence HS in North Carolina, currently he only has an offer from NC ST. But for the two gap system UM currently runs which requires strength and violence in the interior dline he has that in spades. Here his highlights from as a freshman playing varsity for Independence HS (which traditionally is a national powerhouse). By the time he is a senior that boy will be scary playing at the NT spot an UM should start recruiting him from now, heck why not offer them both.

Christian Colon Soph. Year Playing Varsity

Christian Colon Freshman Year Playing Varisty

Why put this here?
Nice tape. We definitely should offer I would hate for this to turn into a situation where the kid starts going to other schools camps and then once Miami offers he'll say. "I still love the canes but I'm going to keep my options open"
We can't afford not to get on any promising DT early on! Got 2 years to see if he pans out or even if Al or D'Nofrio will still be with us by then. Heck offer all the promising 2016 DT's in all SoFl!!!