2016 DE Burns Interested in Miami

2016 DE Burns Interested in Miami

Tito Benach
2016 American Heritage (Fla.) defensive end Brian Burns has putting in a tremendous amount of effort this offseason to get better by not only increasing his speed, but also focusing largely on his weight.

“We’re training with our trainer Mike Smith, I’m working on getting heavier this summer. We’re doing a lot of weight lifting and we’re on the track a lot trying to get our stamina up for the upcoming seasons.”

The Patriots are coming off a state championships and understand that the goal remains the same. Despite the 2014 seniors of the team graduating and moving on, it hasn’t stopped them from sending messages to Burns offering words of encouragement and advice.

“One particular dude Edgar (Cerenord) talked to me about how he wants me to hold it down on the D-line and be an impact for the team. Isaiah (Mckenzie and Sony (Michel) they kinda boost me up telling me I’m gonna be the next big thing to come out and they want me to do my best this season to try and get as much exposure. Carter Jacobs he shoots me inspiring things all the time, but they’re really good at boosting us up.”

The 6’4 215 pound edge rusher has gained a large amount of notoriety within the eyes of many schools as he has picked up offers from UCF, Clemson, Duke and FAU.

“The recruiting process is still going great. I just got a recent offer from Duke by coach Derek Jones. My latest two offers are from Duke and FIU I believe.”

While the offers haven’t come flooding in yet, the American Heritage product plans on attending some camps to change that up for schools like FIU, Miami and FAU.

“Tomorrow I’m gonna at least try to go to the FAU camp and I’m gonna go to the FIU camp and ‘’The U’ camp. If some other schools come through I might go to the Florida camp and some other ones.”

Burns has interest in the Hurricanes and sites their notorious defensive history for it.

“I like UM because they’re known for their strong defense and thats what I want to play for and like I mentioned last time with Chad Thomas and what he’s doing and he’s done. Miami is really known for their defense really and that’s a big reason I like them.”

The Patriots head coach Mike Rumph, a former Hurricane, has talked about the Miami with Burns and references the old Hurricanes defense from 2001.

“He tells me about back in the days about how good they were, how good the coaching staff was and how good the program was. He wants us to play like that and later on he’s gonna show us film on them and take that and use it.”

The Tigers are another school that have piqued Burns’ interest.

“I like their defense too, they had a good year and one or my best friends, Richard Yeargin, he’s going there. I also like where Clemson is at and I like the atmosphere.They have a good defense that is very fast.”
Burns will be looking for education, football tradition and the atmosphere of the school.

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