2016 DE Burns a Rising Prospect

2016 DE Burns a Rising Prospect

Tito Benach
2016 defensive end Brian Burns didn’t get much of an opportunity to showcase his talents while at University School (Fla.) last year. Burns has now transferred to American Heritage (Fla.) and is ready to show South Florida his skills.

“I was at University school and I transferred over to Heritage. I had a good season at U-school, but it wasn’t how I wanted it to be. I got an opportunity at U-school, I just didn't take advantage of it. I expect to ball out, but I want to pass my goals or reach my goals that I didn’t do last year.”

The transition from Davie to Plantation was an easy one and he already feels fit within the Patriots defense.

“It’s very similar because at U-school we had coach (Roger) Harriot and he was a great coach and coach (Mike) Rumph is also a great coach and he’s let me showcase my talents to be able to get a starting position at Heritage and I appreciate that because I didn’t know how things were gonna work out when I got there. The team is growing extremely fast; the spring has been amazing and both teams are doing well.”

The 6’5 215 pound rush end prospect has began to garner interest from schools around the country and holds offers from UCF, FAU, Clemson and Wisconsin. He admits he’s enjoying the recruiting process and didn’t really expect this explosion of interest from schools.

“It’s been good, I mean I really didn’t have any colleges before now I just kinda blew up. It was a surprise really because I wasn’t expecting anything or those offers, I’m just blessed that it happened this way.”

While those offers are satisfying to have for Burns, he still has a handful of other schools showing interest as well as schools he would like to hear from.

“I really want to hear from Miami, that’s a big school to hear from. Oregon came by today and I want to hear from them again, I like LSU. I love FSU, I want to hear from them a lot, I only talked to them one time. I want to hear from Auburn, my brother went there and Florida.”

The hometown Hurricanes have made an impression on the rising junior and he’s intrigued by their program.

“Well I’m from Florida so I’m already used to the weather and one of the D-ends that I look up to, I really don’t know him, but Chad Thomas. I look up to him a lot, because he reminds me of myself. There’s a couple dudes I know that go to Miami and they tell me it’s a great place and they have a huge tradition of football period.

Burns recently got a chance to speak with the coaches from Miami and he expects more communication to come.

“They came to one of my spring practices; we talked a little bit, we weren’t really talking about anything as far as an offer. He just came an knew what my name was and he told me I did good in practice.”

The national champion Florida State Seminoles are another school that has piqued the interest of the American Heritage product and finds their defense line fascinating.

“I love Florida State, they just won a championship and they’re doing big things right now. Another D-linemen I like, Timmy Jernigan, big dude. He’s a beast and I know their D-line was phenomenal, so I know they probably have a great program over there.”

Burns is planning to see a handful of schools this summer including trips to Clemson, FIU, and FAU.

“I’m going to ‘The U camp’ I’m gonna try and hit up the FAU and FIU camps and the Clemson coach wanted me to come up this summer and see Clemson, because one of my former players Richard Yeargin goes there and he wants me to see it.”

When asked to describe what type of defensive end Burns is, he wasn’t shy to name one of the most recently popular names in the football world.

“I strive to be like a Jadaveon Clowney, that’s one of my idols. Off the edge, I’m very fast ,I get off the ball fast. I just try to beat my defender with speed, because I’m not really heavy right now, so I don’t really focus on power I use my speed.”

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If I am Miami, I would start recruiting this kid hard right now. He's gonna get a lot of looks this spring and you don't want to be late to the party on a kid with this much potential. I'm already a big fan of this kid and I haven't even seen his tape.
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I appreciate the article you and Pete keep up the hard work..
Maybe I'm missing something? Kid said Cane coaches came by and talked to him. He going to the camp "this summer" so they obviously aware of him. My guess is that they want to offer at the camp in front of other star attendees and whole staff for greater impression. He clearly said he "loves" FSU so if they offer and he commits it's not because of anything the staff did. All that's truly got to happen is for us to win! Period! plus ink some more DT's :)