2016 CB Trayvon Mullen recaps summer

2016 CB Trayvon Mullen recaps summer

Nash Williams
You would be hard pressed to find a prospect who garnered more attention in one off-season than cornerback Trayvon Mullen.

The rising junior prospect has only played one game in pads since the start of his sophomore year and yet has offers from Alabama, LSU, Miami, Florida State, Ohio State and other top-tier programs to go along with his commitment to play in the Army All-American Game in 2016.

"This summer has been crazy. I mean recruiting has just been real good. I'm enjoying it too. I enjoy talking to all the coaches that are recruiting me. I have real good relationships with all of them that are talking to me. Recruiting so far is going great," said Mullen.

The six-foot-two, 177-pound shutdown corner has also gotten the chance to visit and camp at a lot of the top schools around the country since the summer started. Mullen and several of his Coconut Creek High School teammates, along with head coach Kareem Reid, visited schools such as Auburn, Louisville, Tennessee, Clemson, Ohio State, and others along their journey. After seeing all of the great programs, did any stick out to Mullen?

"I mean, to me, all of the colleges stuck out. I've never had a chance like that to go and see all of these different colleges. Going to a new college every day and seeing all of the different atmospheres was great. But if I had to narrow it down, I think Tennessee was a real great campus. Their facilities and everything there was great. Alabama as well had a great campus, big weight room, nice facilities, the atmosphere is good, the community and everything was good. Florida State was also a school that I liked. Another big campus. Everything was just well and I loved it."

Since his recent slew of offers started to roll in this off-season, Mullen has been in constant contact with tons of college coaches trying to win him over. Who have been some of the favorites that Mullen talks to regularly?

"I like talking to coach (Mario) Cristobal from Alabama, coach (Corey) Raymond from LSU, coach (Tony) Alford from Notre Dame, and coach (Melvin) Smith from Auburn. I've just got a real good relationship with those guys lately."

Mullen confirmed that he will be visiting Miami for the second time this summer on Sunday August 10th for U-Day.

"It'll be my second time going down there. I mean I talk to them a good amount. I call them and talk to coach (Paul) Williams. He likes me and my teammates, Malek (Young) and Binjimen (Victor) and wants us to go down there and visit as often as we can so we can get used to the facility and see how they run things down there and what they do. He likes to tell us what kind of program their running and what they are trying to build you know."

Obviously, Miami has one of, if not the top class for 2016 early on with huge commitments from local stars such as Sam Bruce, Dionte Mullins, and Dredrick Snelson. Does the Hurricanes recent string of commits catch Mullen's eye?

"Yeah I have noticed how they've been doing with their 2016 recruiting. But honestly, I don't let that get to me. At the end of the day it's mainly where I want to go. But, Miami is a team that I'll keep in mind. I mean that's the hometown team. They're a good team that's definitely making a lot of moves."

As far as plans for the fall, Mullen plans to attend the Florida State vs. Notre Dame game as well as hopefully catch a game at South Carolina and Tennessee.

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Doesn't sound to interested sec bound to me

Yea but it's early he's 2016 and we have some leaders already in that recuiting clas. Just a believe lol. First shaver and then his kid just watch.
Sam Bruce hated us this time last year and looked to be mini Quincy Wilson and then............... yeah
We got some amazing people on this site. From a brief conversation translated by someone else they can deduce that a kids for the 2016 class is SEC bound! I can bet all us Canes fans will find pretty much all the training facilities at top schools impressive. Why would you expect a kid that is not well traveled not to be impressed? They don't build these athletic facilities because they need them, they build them because they have to to keep pace attracting recruits. What we got that those other teams don't is a community and fellow athletes encouraging them to the U.
Sam Bruce hated us this time last year and looked to be mini Quincy Wilson and then............... yeah

this. handle business on the field and i bet not only this kid but all the other will be on board we've already got headliners in the 2016 class if we make strides on the field both this year and the next we will be taking our picks of the litters in the coming classes.