2016 ATH Raine turning heads

2016 ATH Raine turning heads

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz

Westminster Christian is quietly becoming a school that produces division-1 talent each recruiting cycle. Next up for the Warriors is 2016 Jumbo ATH John Raine (6-3, 235), who has an interesting story.

Born to Jamaican and English parents, Raine is originally from Miami was raised in Boston before moving back down to South Florida for his 10th grade year at WCS. Raine played multiple sports growing up including basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and football.

“When I was younger, basketball was probably my best sport but now it is football. I can take a lot of the speed and agility from basketball and use it in my route running. Lacrosse is very physical with the one-on-ones. Soccer helped me with running people down,” Raine said.

Last week at the Pylon 7-on-7 tournament, Raine made noise playing for the Fire South team and was one of the stars of the weekend. Raine’s versatility is a major part of his game.

“I see myself as a tight end and fullback with sure hands and the ability to catch balls and make key blocks.”

Mississippi State, Duke, BC, UF, Ohio State, Miami and a few others are schools that Raine has already had contact with.

“I definitely want to go to a good academic school and I want to be able to play in a big conference like the ACC or something like that.”

Raine had the opportunity to attend Miami practice on Saturday morning and gave a quick synopsis on what he saw.

“I loved the tempo of the practice and how the coaches weren’t treating the players like stars. They were humbling them.”

The Westminster rising prospect said he would “100%” consider Miami if offered.

“I talked to the tight end coach (Larry Scott) and he said they would be taking a look at me. I loved the coach and the drills they were doing.”

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He will probably grow a couple of more inches. Hopefully Westminster can get a QB that can throw and utilize this kids talents. It hurt him that he didn't play 2 seasons ago but he still had schools interested in him.
Do you guys view him as a college TE? With Upshur (premier OOS target), Irvin Jr (talented legacy recruit), and Hinson (already committed) seemingly in the picture for us, would we have room for him at TE or would we want him to play another position if we eventually offer?

Looks like a really talented athlete in his highlights.
Pretty sure he's been at WCS since middle school, not just 10th grade.
This kid is a freak ath. He could litterly be a TE,RB,DE, OLB. He has crazy burst. I would offer sooner rather then later. Kid is a player.
I don't want this animal playing tightend I'd love to see what will probably be a 6'4 250 4.6 animal like thisplaying Mike or Sam. Dj Williams type player OK WE LOST THE ONLY PLAYER I CARED ABOUT LAST YEAR. please offer this kid like now. Someone send someone this tape please
Offer this kid and offer him fast, I'm impressed and would rather wait to see what position is best for him when he gets to college. IMO, he is better than Hinson at TE and also better than Simmons at LB. Either way it goes get this kid to be a cane. Side note, Irvin Jr has got faster and better, Irvin Jr will be a hand full to bring down in the slot or TE position either way it go I think we should take both cause this kid can grow into a good LB or Vic Beasly type DE.
Someone send his film!!!!! At someone's twitter and make sure this film gets bombarded until he gets a legit offer. This could at worst be a special teams nightmare.
This kid, from watching up close in multiple sports is going to be a special player. The type that you regret passing up if he wants to be here.