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2015 Safety Johnson Preparing for The Opening

2015 Safety Johnson Preparing for The Opening

Tito Benach

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It’s been four years for 2015 safety Jaquan Johnson with the Killian (Fla.) Cougars and this year will be the one with the most effort.

“This last year I’m just training hard, getting prepared for the season and trying to win states and I’m trying to get everyones mind right.”

The Cougars recent couple years have been successful, but have fallen short in the playoffs. Johnson is trying to remind his team that it’s a process to become state champions.

“We’re taking it one day at a time, not thinking ahead and staying healthy, taking care of our bodies. We’re gonna come in ready for the season and ready to play.”

While the 5’11 180 pound defensive back is working out with his team, he’s also preparing for the upcoming Nike Opening event in Oregon where he’s excited to compete with some of the elite talent in the nation.

“I’m just looking forward to competing, it’s the best people in the nation so it’s going to be good to go up against them to see where my talent level is at as well as theirs.”

Johnson will not be the only South Florida product headed there as other prospects including Mark Walton and Jordan Cronkrite will be joining him.

“I just talked to Mark (Walton), he’s on my team from Booker T. He in-boxed me on twitter and we want to do well up there.”

As far as recruiting goes for the Killian star, it hasn’t changed much. When asked to describe it in one word:

“Hectic, I got coaches texting me on twitter all the time, sometimes all through the night and morning. They’re all really trying to get me to their school.”

While the main schools recruiting Johnson remain Miami, Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina; a new school has emerged for the ball hawking safety and it features a former teammate.

“Louisville is recruiting me as well, Trumaine (Washington) is up there so I’m gonna take a visit up there and I’m gonna get it first hand how it is up there and there won’t be any sugarcoating.”

Alabama is a main school in Johnson’s recruitment and he is looking to take a visit there sometime soon.

“I still talk to Alabama, I was supposed to visit sometime this summer, if not I’m gonna take an official there for sure. They put you in the league, a lot of people go to the league from there.”

Johnson is also interested in learning from one College football’s most talented defensive coaches Kirby Smart.

“They put you in a system up there and they teach you technique, so I’m looking forward when I’m going up there to seeing it first hand.”

Another SEC team that is making a large push for Johnson is the Florida Gators. Defensive backs coach Travaris Robinson has made a great relationship with the South Florida playmaker and feels at home with him.

“Coach T-Rob is like another family member, so if I do go up there it’s gonna be like another home for me. The defense told me I’m gonna be coming down sticking the Nickel. I’m looking forward to that.”

The hometown Miami Hurricanes have made a big impression on Johnson and are constantly re-iterating how much of a priority he is for their team.

“I talk to all the coaches, they all text me on twitter. They want me bad, I go up there all the time, I’m used to the campus, it’s like home away from home. They say I’m number one on their board and they keep telling me they want me to play strong safety.”

When it comes to making a decision, once Johnson finishes his last set of visits and discusses it with his family, he will let the world know.

“Once I get a view of all the school, visit one more time and get a better idea and then sit down with my family and talk about it and they will go from there.”

When separating schools, a family feel will be most important for Johnson.

“I think a family, I want to be around a family that come to play everyday like I do going from the players to the staff.”

Doesn't sound good to me. Maybe i'm just nitpicking though (its the offseason)
Will be an interesting recruitment. What record keeps Muschamp safe? 6-6 seems about what they should finish. On the flip side I could see us winning 6 or 7 games also. Need a Gator implosion and Golden to pull a ACC coastal title out of his ass to make me feel good about this one.
Muschamp is gone after this season. If they hire a superstar, it will probably help recruiting overall for the Gators, especially as they'll probably keep the best recruiters from his staff. But I bet Johnson will shift in our direction as long as we play well enough ourselves.
Last I heard. We are leading, not UF. Don't know where that came from.
This is all too reminiscent of Jonny Dixon and Sony.
we need to offer T-Rob our DC position, i never hear Doritos name dropped by a recruit when referring to who is recruiting him from UM. But when ya hear a kid from UF all they talk about is T-Rob.
we need to offer T-Rob our DC position, i never hear Doritos name dropped by a recruit when referring to who is recruiting him from UM. But when ya hear a kid from UF all they talk about is T-Rob.

certainly does seem that way..
If we win games, he's all ours. If we pussy-foot around and finish with 6-8 wins...he gone!
If we win games, he's all ours. If we ****-foot around and finish with 6-8 wins...he gone!

Constantly said and it just isn't that true. FSU spent YEARS mediocre and their recruiting never dropped off much. UiF went 4-8 last year and then kicked our ass on the trail. Hell, Randy pulled in the #1 class in the nation coming off of 5-7. The reality is we just need to recruit better.
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Loss 44 - 13
09/11 vs
Win 25 - 23
09/18 vs
Loss 38 - 17
09/25 vs
Win 69 - 0
09/30 vs
Loss 30 - 28
10/16 @
Loss 45 - 42
10/23 vs
Win 31 - 30
10/30 @
Win 38 - 34
11/06 vs
Win 33 - 30
11/13 @
Loss 31 - 28
11/20 vs
Win 38 - 26
11/27 @
Win 47 - 10