2015 Safety Archer Talks Recruiting

2015 Safety Archer Talks Recruiting

Tito Benach
2015 South Plantation (Fla.) Safety Rodrick Archer might not have led his team to the playoffs this year, but he surely proved the skeptics of his team wrong.

“The season went pretty good this year because everyone expected us to not be good because we lost Alex Collins and John Franklin. We did pretty good we had a 6-3 season and we came close to making the playoffs, but we lost the tie-breaker between us and Taravella (Fla.).”

Archer felt as if he truly played a key role in his teams success this year as he took on a big leadership role of the defense.

“This season I did pretty good because I had to step it up to a whole another level. Our team is young, so I had to call out the plays and the formations. So I felt like I did pretty good this season.”

The 6’2 190 pound safety is getting noticed by multiple colleges and has been receiving mail from schools all across the country.

“Miami, Wake Forest, USC, and I already have an offer from UCF and Cincinnati.”

Archer claims to have no leaders at the moment, but did talk about the hometown school and what he likes about them.

“Miami is Miami, Miami has always been the school that everyone loves and I actually love Miami too. I just love Miami, it’s one of the best schools ever and now they’re on the rise so more people think they are serious.”

While, the South Plantation product does not hold an offer from the Hurricanes, he is in constant contact with them.

“Facebook and through the mail, I basically get a letter everyday from Miami.”

The 2015 speedy safety commented on the Hurricanes season so far and the job head coach Al Golden has done.

“I think they’re doing excellent, they’re doing a great job. Al Golden is going a great job of building the program and he’s getting more kids from South Florida on the team again.”

The other Florida school that does interest Archer is UCF and they’re performance as of late does help.

“UCF is sort of like my position; they’re sort of underrated, but they are killing these top ranked teams. They almost won a game against South Carolina and only lost by a field goal. UCF just came out of the blue as well, so they’re proving to everyone that they aren’t just another team in Florida and put themselves on the map.”

While Archer remains a while away from any form of a decision, he does know one key aspect that will play into his decision.

“Dorms, it’s going to be between dorms and the environment. If I go to college, I want to enjoy the place where I’m at. After a long practice, you want to come home to a good place and not more chaos.”

*Archer is planning on visiting more schools his summer such as FSU, UF and Cincinnati.

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Since this decision will come down to dorms, how do we stack up?
Big, speedy, safety has a nice ring to it. Goes without saying it's a huge position of need.
Archer has legit speed. Can be a LB or S
He is also the cousin of Jordan Scarlett
Yall know this dude's coach is Gatewood right?

Don't care about Doug Gatewood. Still gotta recruit him hard. Every case is different. Until he moves in with Gatewood I don't compare the two. We did get Quadrine Hill from Piper under Gatewood.