2015 QB Wimbush on Miami's radar

2015 QB Wimbush on Miami's radar

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
Miami’s recent success recruiting the quarterback position hasn’t stopped the coaching staff from already looking ahead to the 2015 class. Rising junior Brandon Wimbush from St. Peter’s Prep (NJ) looks like he could be one of the early top targets for offensive coordinator James Coley. Wimbush (6’2”, 200) was down in Miami last Sunday for the Al Golden Football Camp and he participated with the quarterbacks.

“I liked it a lot. I pushed it because it was a college camp and it was great competition. The weather was a big factor in the way I performed because I feel like I had to keep my energy up the whole time. Everybody else was kind of lazy towards the end, but I was able to work it out,” said Wimbush.

The Jersey QB enjoyed working with Coach Coley.

“He’s a great coach and has put multiple QBs into the NFL and I would like to e one of those coming up. He’s a good guy and I feel like we could have a great relationship if I decide to go there down the line.”

How would Wimbush describe his ability as a QB?

“I’m a throw-first kind of guy, who can also run. We’re changing our offense to a pistol this year so I’ll have to run a little more and I’ll be able to do that for my team. I’ve been working on my footwork and timing so I think I’ll be able to play in any offense out that.”

Although Wimbush likes the idea of playing in a pistol-type offense at the next level, he is open to whichever style the coaches want.

“I see how the pistol works for a guy like RGIII and at West Virginia for Geno Smith, but whatever the coach wants to do with his athletes and whatever he thinks fits me best is what I’ll play in.”

The 6’2”, 200-lb quarterback has a few more trips planned out for the summer.

“I’m going to Vanderbilt with my grandfather and Ohio State for Friday Night Lights. I might go down to Georgia if I can make it out there.”

There are a group of schools that Wimbush is hoping to catch the attention of.

“My mom really looks at Stanford a lot. I know that might be a reach, but that’s a dream for her. Florida, Florida State, and Clemson are the other ones that I’ll be looking to approach me later in my career so I’ll just keep working.”

A factor working in Miami’s favor is the coaching staff’s familiarity with the Jersey area.

“They bring a lot of Jersey guys down there. Coach D’Onofrio has been recruiting from my school for a good amount of time so he has a good relationship with my coach. I’m honored to be a guy in Coach D’Onofrio’s and Coach Coley’s eyes that could make it at the next level.”

**Wimbush currently holds offers from Miami, UVA, Rutgers, Maryland, and Boston College amongst others.

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How did he look at camp? How did his skills compare with Alin, since they were there together?
How did he look at camp? How did his skills compare with Alin, since they were there together?

Alin was there Saturday, Wimbush was there Sunday.

This guy is legit. Huge arm...I wrote about him in the camp report
Also an Article on ESPN saying how Miami continues to impress Wimbush.

Another Top flight NJ HS Football program
ESPN Article (Insider)

-Loved his visit (2nd time visiting) and enjoyed camp, though his arm was sore towards the end since he threw nearly a hundred balls on the day.
-Worked closely with Coley and learned to keep his shoulder closed, balance more, and read holes in the defense.
-Coaches love his approach and football IQ.
-Colleges love his potential since he barely play as a Sophmore (Senior was ahead on the depth chart), yet has 6 offers.
-Offers from (Rutgers/UConn/Maryland/Virginia/Temple/Miami).
-Has family in Miami area (Stayed with his grandmother while down here)
-Hurricanes are his top option due to family being down here.

Tidbit from another Espn Article

-Just him and his mother live in NJ. The rest of his family moved to West Palm Beach 10 years ago.
-Location could be key. Wants to be close to his family in Florida.


Have heard some great things about this guy.
my computer doesn't allow me to read between the lines