2015 LB Wants To Visit Miami

2015 LB Wants To Visit Miami

Tito Benach
2015 First Coast LB Sherod Pittman had his first game last Friday and came out with a spectacular performance.

“ I felt I played outstanding, I was on every tackle, I was doing everything out there. I had close to twelve to thirteen solo tackles.”

Pittman, who is a sophomore, is aware that his team is looking to head back to states after last year's heart breaking loss. The 2015 prospect is looking at one key game during the season.

“Bayside, they have the 2014 Florida Commit Travonte Valentine.”

Despite only being a sophomore, the First Coast Linebacker is receiving interest from many schools like Florida, FSU,UCF and Miami.

While Pittman doesn’t know much about the Hurricanes he does plan on taking a visit there to learn more about them.

“I wanna take a visit to one of the Miami Camps or one of the visits.”

While Pittman doesn’t have an idea of where he wants to go yet, he does know what he wants in that school that he chooses.

“If I can be at that school for four years, If I can get along with the coaches and players there and is it the right fit for me.”

Pittman says the best player he has ever played against in high school is Derrick Henry.

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Not only a Jacksonville kid, but a First Coast kid. nothing to see here (still appreciate the effort Tito).




First Coast? yeaaaaaaaa about that...we're not getting a First Coast kid.
Get Barrow on him and get him on campus. The sooner the better.

You never know what could happen
These kids flirt with Miami until they get that FSU offer then bail on us