2015 LB Grimes making a name for himself

2015 LB Grimes making a name for himself

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
South Dade is poised for a huge season led by some of the most explosive players in the county. Most think of Kentucky WR commit Tyre Brady, Antwan Cordy, and Mario Mezier, but there is a lot of young talent on the Bucs squad. A player set to emerge this year is 2015 LB Doyle “Biggie” Grimes (6-1.5, 194).

“I’m athletic and get after the ball. Wherever the ball is, I just find my way to it. This year, I’ll see myself more at linebacker because I like to get in there in run support and I like to hit,” said Grimes.

The Buccaneers have lofty goals for the season and are focused for the start of camp.

“Our mindset is to just work hard and grind. Finish these last days before we have to take care of it on the field. We’re just getting stronger, better, and faster. We’re focused on one thing this year and that’s a state title.”

As far as recruiting goes, Grimes has had contact with the hometown Hurricanes.

“I’ve been in contact with UM. They’re talking to me telling me they want to see some film and once they see that I’ll get an offer hopefully.”

Grimes has a special connection to a member of the Miami freshman class. Safety Jamal Carter is his brother.

“Jamal is my blood brother, we have the same mother. He’s sort of paved the way for me and showed me that it could be done from the area we come from (Naranja). We just have to never give up and work hard and at the end of the day hard work pays off.”

It’s no secret that the two brothers have discussed playing with each other at the college level.

“We talked about it coming up and I think I want to make that happen.”

What will go into his decision process?

“What the campus brings and what it holds, the surroundings, the coaching staff, and the environment period.”

**Grimes wants to leave high school weighing anywhere in the 215-217 range.

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Love those ** Quick Hitters at the end of your articles Pete.

Definitely want.
This kid has even more potential than Jamal. I've known him for years, great kid and hard worker.
As Oh Snap once said, brothers with different last names? We back
wonder if this kid eats meat with his sandwiches.

Jamal had no idea of the such
We've had kids from Naranja Lakes before. Alex Johnson in the '80's.