2014 WR Updates Recruitment

2014 WR Updates Recruitment

Tito Benach
Delray Beach Atlantic WR Adly Enoicy is one of the top receivers in the 2014 class. His best attribute is his height, as he stands tall at 6'4.

"The recruiting process is going pretty good. I have a lot of schools that are interested in me and some that have already offered." His early offers include Miami, FIU, Florida, Florida State, South Carolina and Louisiana Lafayette.

"They have a pretty good fan base and their coaches are very friendly," Enoicy said about the Canes. He attended one of the Al Golden Football camps over the summer and said he spoke with every coach there.

While the wide receiver doesn't have any favorites in mind, he does want certain things in the school he picks.

"I'm looking for a school that gives me a good education and gives me an opportunity to play and get me ready for the next level."

Enoicy had forty catches, eight touchdowns and over six hundred yards his sophomore year.

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What is the gap between him and Lane?

They are very different players... Enoicy projects as a Tight End in college IMO

I had him at #29 on my top 50 list

29. 2014 WR Adly Enoicy (Atlantic Delray)
Enoicy plays receiver in high school, but I project him at tight end in college. At 6’4 210, he uses his body incredibly well and boxes out to get jump balls. He is a mismatch problem for smaller defenders. Needs to refine route running, but again, I think he is better suited as a pass-catching tight end.

Definite TE. Great size. Helluva catch @2:18. Could be hard to stop if he learns to stiff arm a lil bit.
The kid is good, red zone target.... I see him as a TE as well... he is very slow though that's why he will end up a TE...