2014 TE Dixon Talks Recruiting

2014 TE Dixon Talks Recruiting

Tito Benach
2014 St. Bonaventure (California) Tight End Bryce Dixon was surprised when he received his first offer, as it happened to be a school he wasn't very familiar with.

“Miami was my first offer, I was really happy because they are know for their tight ends. I was really interested because it's a really good school to go to.”

Dixon is finishing up his season now, as his team finished 9-1.

“The season’s going well, we finished nine and one and won our league championship so now we are getting ready for the playoffs.”

Despite being surprised by his first offer, he does have interest in Miami and cites their use of the tight ends.

“I like the way they use their tight ends in the passing game, they use them sometimes as a slot receiver or regular tight end or even sometimes send them out to the wide receiver spot. That's the way I play at my school.

The 2014 tight end also likes the way Miami’s offense is ran.

“I also like the way they use the west coast offense. It would be an easy transition for me to play there.”

Dixon took a trip to watch Miami play against North Carolina and talked about what he saw.

“They have a young team, but they have good recruiting coaches and a lot of years to get better. I see a lot of potential with them.”

Dixon has offers from Miami, Ohio State, Cal, Colorado, UCLA and Washington.

As far as what schools are sticking out for Dixon, he has no leaders.

“I have interest in all the schools and they are all pretty even. They all use their tight ends well.”

One factor that many think will affect Dixon’s recruitment is distance from home, but he says otherwise.

“No, it does not affect me what so ever actually.”

Dixon does not have a decision date set in mind, but does know what he will be looking for in a school when he chooses one.

“The way they use their tight ends is what's going to help me choose a school.”

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