2014 SG Holston Narrowing Down Schools

2014 SG Holston Narrowing Down Schools

Tito Benach
2014 Oldsmar (Fla.) high school shooting guard Troy Holston has been working very hard this summer with his team and believes they can make a serious playoff run next season.

“We’re grinding day in and day out everyday. A lot of team workouts and individual workouts. We separate our guards from the bigs, we send our bigs to the weight room, while the guards are working on skill development. We should have a good shot this year, we have a great team with great pieces on the team.”

Holston is one of the top ranked guards in the state of Florida and describes himself as a very good shooter who can spread the floor.

“I’m a good shooter. I’m versatile, I can go to the hole and pass. I’m pretty athletic, I can play above the rim and catch people slipping when I dunk. I’m just a versatile guard. I can shoot well and catch fire from the three point line.”

The 6’4 195 pound guard is subject to phone calls from a lot of colleges and has been enjoying the process as of late.

“It’s going pretty well right now, I’ve been trying to cut my list down sometime this week. I’m looking forward to doing that. I’ve been hearing from USF, Kansas State, Arkansas and I’ve been hearing from Georgia a bit.”

Three schools have recently offered the Oldsmar product and have really caught his eye.

“The two that offered me today were Alabama and Marquette and yesterday was Miami.”

The Hurricanes intrigue Holston a lot and has been watching them play recently.

“I like the location that it’s in, it’s in a nice area. Definitely that they had that winning team. “Coach L”, he is a great coach and he brought that George Mason team to the Final Four. They saw me a year ago and they told me that they liked the way I shoot and when they called me to offer me they told me that I’ve grown tremendously.”

The prolific scorer really admires the way coach Jim Larrañaga runs his team and the freedom he gives his players.

“As a coach, I think he is a great coach. He lets his guards play with freedom he isn’t a coach who is on his players’ backs. I think thats why they had such a successful season. As a person he is a genuine guy, he asked me about life and how things were going. He is just a genuine guy.”

Holston has no intention of reclassifying and is looking to make a decision within the near future. So what are the chances Miami makes his top list of schools?

“I’ve been doing some research and I’ve been watching them play. I’ve always liked them especially after this year. I don’t really have a percentage in my mind but they’re pretty up there with the top schools I’m considering.”

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Saw him the other day. Transferred from Freedom High in Tampa, but still lives in New Tampa. There is alot of talent that comes through Freedom, couple miles north of USF, but the school has never been commited to sports. School is in a upper middle class community that serves New Tampa and the University area (aka the Hood). Tons of kids there don't and won't play because the school has a loser reputation. If the school committed to sports they would possibly be the top school in Hillsborough County (Tampa). Other Hillsborough County top programs rely on kids tranferring, but this school could produce top talent from its base alone. They could churn out DL and OL each year if the middle class snobs would stop trying to make it like a private school.