2014 LB Young Putting in Work

2014 LB Young Putting in Work

Tito Benach
2014 Albany (Ga.) linebacker Juwon Young is not only helping his team with workouts and running, but is also getting them mentally prepared for the upcoming season.

“I’ve been doing a more of a mental thing then a physical. I’ve been pushing them hard in the weight room so we can come together more as a team and we can go on the field as a team than just get on the field and play by ourselves.”

Young has set some expectations for himself next season and fully confident he can accomplish them.

“My goal is to at least have ten sacks with about 250 tackles with 2-5 picks and about ten forced fumbles.”

The 6’2 228 pound linebacker has been doing workouts and has a deep passion, so much to the point that he doesn’t sleep.

“Times like late at night, sometime I just wake up in the middle of the night and go to the sand dunes and I just run the sand dunes.”

Young committed to Miami during the summer and confirms that he is still fully committed to the Hurricanes.

“Yeah I would say it’s a hundred percent. I’ve been talking to them about every week or every other week. I mostly speak to linebacker coach Michael Barrow.”

The Albany product recently took the ACT and fell short of the score he wanted by 4 points, however he is really motivated and excited to hear that ‘Canes fans are pulling for him.

“Yeah, I’m taking it in October. It makes me feel like, now I used to work hard it makes me want to work even harder. Where I’m from we’re not used to a big crowd cheering for you, but I saw all the love on Facebook and I was just like ‘I’m good and I have a fan base.’.”

The Georgia native has also taken notice to the recruiting class Miami is working on and is excited.

“I don’t look at it too often, but I saw that we had the #1 recruiting class in the nation right now. I seen a couple of commits were there with me when I was at the camp. Mike Smith, I’m looking forward to playing with him.”

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lol 250 tackles :eekeyes:

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Not laughing as in absurd. Laughing as in ecstatic. Should be obvious from the gif for those of us 30+
kid is ALL CANE. please save the "if he sticks" ****. this is the U. we dont have an inferiority complex. we expect to get elite players.
With that kind of work ethic, I have no doubt he'll get those 4 points and then some.
Great addition to the GA division of the CANE family. Love the "can't sleep, let's run the dunes" stuff. Compare that to "let's go bark at police dogs" and tell me who is recruiting the best. Bring that it with you young man; it is old school CANE! The D in this class is shaping into a NC winning one. Golden is loading the train with waves of players that will be chopping at the bit. Let the big dogs hunt!!!! Can you feel it coming, the rest of college football can. We are what [[_]] fear!

Because this needs to be in every Juwon Young thread.

Kid is one of my favorite recruits, love that we stole him out of SEC country, I hope the kid is an EJ that can stay in school.
Yea, With it being a down year in florida at LB we seemed to really hit the position and still grabbed a few Gems. Young is definitely one of those. Hope he has a great senior campaign, gets the grades in order and arrives in coral gables ready to knock some heads
Wow. Good for him. **** yea we support him! He is a Cane all the way!!!
Love the high expectations on the field...hope he burns a little more mid-night oil. He's close.
When I read those stats I thought he was talking about his freshman year at UM lol. dang
His 250 tackle aspirations is entering Jessie Armstead area (who reportedly logged 300+ tackles his senior year).

Love the sand dunes stuff.
Love the sand dunes stuff.

Dude goes hard in the dunes: