2014 DL Thomas Goes In-Depth

2014 DL Thomas Goes In-Depth

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
2014 DL Chad Thomas is apart of one of the most dominant defenses in the country at Booker T. Washington. The Tornadoes have showed why they are such a highly-regarded team in their first two games against Northwestern (pre-season) and Carol City. Thomas isn’t satisfied yet, though.

“We came into the game with the mindset to win. We did good, but we really didn’t do great. We were supposed to shut both of those teams out, they weren’t supposed to score on us. We have that defense to shut out people. When we put everything together, we’re gonna shut the rest of these teams out.”

This year’s Booker T team knows that there is unfinished business from last year, after they fell to Bolles in the state championship game.

“We’re not just trying to win states, we want that National Title. States is still on the radar, but we need to get our name back out there because the last time we were here was ’07, and I don’t like living off that name, I wanna live of the 2012 team.”

In order to achieve the team’s ultimate goal of states and a national title, he says they still have work to do.

“We have to play as one. We do good playing together, but we still don’t play as one. When we do that, the opponent is gonna be in trouble.”

Thomas thinks he has improved as a since his sophomore season.

“I feel like I have grown from last year. I’m trying to get a sack every game and I’m doing that so far. I just have to keep practicing what my coaches are teaching me.”

The Tornadoes have a big matchup against Central this Saturday night at SunLife.

“We just wanna come out and dominate because we want to get our respect in Dade County. I think a lot of people wanna bandwagon on Central because they think they’re a better team, but we wanna come out there and show them what Booker T has been working on. We really got to send a message. Some people tell me that we don’t play anybody, so we just have to show them we’re ready.”

The Booker T. junior has somebody that he looks to for advice.

“The only person I really look up to in college is my cousin (Louisville freshman Jermaine Reve), but he plays a different position, nickel and dime. He plays with the same heart that I do because were not really the biggest for our position.”

Thomas has said for months that his top two choices are Miami and FSU, and that has not changed.

“Yeah, that’s still my top two. I’m just focusing on them. September 1st the coaches get to hit us up, so a lot of coaches were just texting me and hitting me up on Facebook. They were telling me that they were interested in Miami. I don’t remember all the schools, but I know Virginia, Miami, Florida State, West Virginia did.”

While he didn’t get a chance to see the ‘Canes play this weekend, he was impressed by a certain running back from Norland.

“It got me hyped seeing Duke run the ball because I thought about when I played against him and if I go to Miami then I would get to play with him and it would be some great competition in practice.”

Chad isn’t the only star Thomas on the Tornado defense, as Matthew Thomas is a big part of the team’s success as well.

“It’s crazy to play with him because we think of each other as brothers and when we get on the field it’s the same thing. When me and 6 get out there, we like to be on the same side so we can dominate. He’s one of the best linebackers I’ve ever seen in my life. He gets so much respect.”

The junior Thomas says that him and Matthew would definitely like to play with each other at the next level.

“That would be a good decision. If I go to the same school that he’s at and we can be on the field together and we’ll make it happen at whatever school we’re at.”

Family is an important factor for Chad in his decision.

“They would love if I stay close because they really wanna come to the games. They can’t really go to my cousin’s games so they really want me to stay home so that they could come see me. That would be part of my choice and I think about that a lot.”

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MOAR top prospects that want to stay close to home.
There's no need for these kids to head north to play college football unless you want to party 24/7. Miami is were these two kids
need to make there home the next 4years. Stay home and help turn the program around we need you here. Al will be so happy
to grab these two kids in our own back yard. FREE SHOES UNIVERSITY = TRASH AND TROUBLE.
If Matthew Thomas saw the game against BC, he's got to see where his pass rushing ability is needed. Chad has a ways to go to figure things out, but I'm glad he's interested and that we're reaching out to our kids early.
I really like this guy based on what I saw against MNW. He is much further along than most defensive linemen we've gone after.

Fires off the ball, high motor, great size, good athlete, strong production. The true hand-in-the-ground defensive end we need.