2014 DE Harris High on ‘Canes

Tito Benach
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2014 Winter Park (Fla.) defensive end Trent Harris spent his freshman and sophomore years playing football during the fall, but when spring time came around he picked up a new sport.

“I played lacrosse my freshman and sophomore year. It keeps my footwork right, it’s just a fun game to play, especially if you’re on defense. Just running around with a big six-foot pole and hitting kids. It keeps me on my feet.”

Harris is excited for the upcoming and year and is hoping for success after doing daily workouts with his team.

“I mean we have workouts every morning at 10:30. After that I stay out there and work with my coach on my hand technique and my pass rushing. We’re just trying to take each game seriously and go undefeated.”

The 6’2, 226 pound rush end is one of the top prospects in the state and has been hearing from multiple schools such as Miami, Florida, Ohio State, Vanderbilt and FSU.

Miami is a school that recently popped up on the radar for the pass rusher and made a big impression on him during his visit to Coral Gables.

“I wasn’t thinking too much of the visit, but me and my dad really liked it. The coaches, they are all real friendly, they made me feel like I’m already a part of the family. They have a good education there, it’s a private school so there is not to many kids there so I can talk one on one with my professor. They also have a top strength and conditioning coach in the country and he will take care of my body and that’s what I’m looking for really.”

The Winter Park product speaks with Coach Franklin on a consistent basis and seems to have built a good bond with him.

“He is funny, cool and serious which is all the good characteristics in a coach.”

The University of Florida is the other school that has been recruiting Harris very hard and he has a deep appreciation for Gainesville.

“I’ve always loved Florida, it’s part of the reason I like Gainesville. It’s not too far from home and they always have a good football program and they have a good defensive line coach from South Carolina, Coach Lawing.”

Harris is looking to make a decision in early August and will be looking for a couple things when choosing a school.

“The environment around the school, the players I’m going to be surrounded by and the coach that I think can push me to get the best out of me.”

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I love the fact that we have the momentum coming in his decision, usually a good sign...
If this kid doesn't go to FNL he's ours
3-4 more DL

1 DE, 1 JUCO DT and 1 HS Senior DT

Maybe a surprise
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I think Jim Brown was like the best lacrosse player in the country in college.
Goes to show we are now "seriously" competing with the Gaytors on their turf. Spreading our impact up to Orlando and across to J'ville. Miami is more appealing to most young males and winning will sway many more to Coral Gables. Just Win Baby
Kid tape looks real good. High motor, quick feet, long arms... With another 25-30 lbs of good weight kid will be a beast.
I think Jim Brown was like the best lacrosse player in the country in college.

Jim Brown is famous for making an airborne leaping score as he soared over the goal from the back side of the net for 'Cuse, and played baseball, basketball and track too.