Tears Nole Tears (“Offcial”)

does anyone know what "Legends" is or what they do? I used The Google and here is how they describe their business (from a press release);

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The press release wasn't helpful . . . more like a word salad of incongruent business terms.

Holy ****, did a 4th grader with a minimum word count write that press release.
It's down hill from here. Next, he will promoting creme betweens

" Sometimes when i get that sweet tooth, i reach for my favorite snack, Creme Betweens "

" As the Florida State quarterback, the only way I like my creme is between 2 nice pieces of chocolate wafers "

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I have two theories about that video

1. They recognized the mistake of grabbing two cups, but they realized that having to spend a second $0.79 to reshoot it would really break the budget

2. They’re hoping to try to strongarm money from the Coca Cola corp for his endorsement of Powerade, but they didn’t work out the details beforehand. And soon, they will get a cease and desist because they don’t want people associating dju with Powerade.