Recap: Kaaya & Dorsett Lift Canes To 41-20 Win

Dan E. Dangerously
Dan E. Dangerously
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Big plays in the passing game lead to a record setting day for Brad Kaaya and a convincing win over Arkansas State.


Miami finally opened up the playbook for Brad Kaaya and he let it rip to the tune of 16-24 for 342 yards (a school record for true freshmen) 4 TD's and 1 INT. Dorsett was the major beneficiary of this day and he turned his opportunity into the 3rd most receiving yards in a single game in Miami history. He had 4 catches for 203 yards and 2 touchdowns. 3 of his catches went at least 50 yards. Pretty good.

It wasn't all pretty. There were several ill-timed, ill-conceived and poorly executed trick plays that did more harm than good. The offensive line still doesn't look great either. On defense there were too many missed tackles to count, particularly from the DB's. Penalties were a problem as well, 11 of them that cost UM 93 yards in field position. Kamalu's personal foul, while funny, was major league stupid. Kick coverage isn't very good either. Miami can get away with that with a team they ended up being able to out-athlete in Arkansas State. That won't be the case if they want a shot at doing anything meaningful this year.




Before getting into the game, Al-Quadin Muhammad showed up and watched the game from the student section.


In Golden's post-game press conference he said that he expects Muhammad to return next semester, which is great. Also, this happened:


.........let's recap.

1st Quarter:

UM deferred to the 2nd half and kicked off to ASU. 3 straight handoffs to backup RB Johnston White got them near midfield. It was looking like my worst nightmare for this game. Arkansas State had scored on the opening drive in each of their first 2 games. The pace was looking too fast for UM's defense and they seemed to be on their heels. Then the center snapped the ball before Fredi Knighten was ready for it and the ball sailed backwards for a 19 yard loss. ASU punted 2 plays later. After a short run by Duke, Kaaya went playaction and lofted a perfectly thrown bomb that hit Dorsett in stride. Dorsett streaked passed the secondary and coasted for the TD to put Miami up early.



Al Diaz/AP

7-0 Miami

Vogel kicks it out of bounds and ASU starts at their own 35 yard line. ASU goes back to their hurry up style and are knocking on the door in no time. J.D. McKissic takes a pass down to the 1 yard line and 2 plays later Knighten runs it in himself to tie up the game.



Miami didn't fret. On the 2nd play of their next drive Kaaya spotted Dorsett deep again. However this time Dorsett couldn't keep his feet and he stumbled after picking up 51 yards on the play.


On the next play Kaaya hits Walford on a wheel route, who got open via a pick by Malcolm Lewis. Hey, if they're not gonna call it...



Charles Trainor, Jr./Miami Herald

14-7 Miami

ASU picks up a first down when McKissic breaks a weak tackle attempt by Jamal Carter. They looked to have converted on 3rd and long again, but the awful ACC crew screwed Booker Mays out of an obvious catch, and the Red Wolves have to punt it back to UM. At this point Miami was a fluke snap and some questionable officiating from being down early. When Miami gets the ball back they are faced with a "Money Down" situation for the 1st time and they convert with a short pass to Braxton Berrios. On the next play Dorsett picks up 24 yards to move Miami into ASU territory.


Al Diaz/AP

It was his shortest reception of the day. 2 plays later Duke Johnson burst up the middle, hurdled a guy, and blazed passed everyone for a 33 yard touchdown. Backup kicker Michael Badgley missed the extra point.



Mike Ehrmann/Getty

20-7 Miami

The carry moved him passed Willis McGahee into 8th place in Miami's all-time career rushing totals list.


ASU goes back to work and quickly get into Miami territory. After crossing midfield Deon Bush forced a fumble, but the Red Wolves recovered it. 2 plays later Tracy Howard got flagged for pass interference and ASU is in the red zone. 2 plays after that Denzel Perryman has had about enough of this offense and lights J.D. MicKissic up.


ASU ends up settling for a 36 yard field goal attempt by Luke Ferguson that goes wide right. The quarter ends with Erek Flowers getting some BS flagged thrown on him. Whatever. Miami is up 20-7 at the end of 1 quarter of play.

Ron Cherry is an idiot and left his mic on during the TV timeout. Everyone got to hear him tell Flowers, "Hey! Hey! 74! I don't call it. I just enforce it. He says you were holding. OK?" He continued, "My pager keeps going off...I don't know why." Just awful.

2nd Quarter:

Kaaya finds Walford for a 17 yard gain to open the 2nd quarter. Then on the next play Ron Regula is allowed onto the field. He promptly fumbles the ball away as soon as it's handed to him. ASU recovers it and are now in the red zone again. Miami's defense holds on 3rd and 1. Blake Anderson decides to go for it, but some guy commits a false start penalty to back them up. Luke Ferguson comes back onto the field to miss another field goal wide right.

The game starts getting sloppy at this point. Gadbois gets beat badly and Kaaya is sacked by Xavier Woodson. Miami goes 3 and out after that. Punts are exchanged and Miami's offense now looks half-retarded. Kaaya has to take an intentional grounding penalty, then he gets sacked again to set up a 3rd and 29, which leads to another punt. After starting out blazing hot Miami's offense can't stop tripping over themselves.

ASU takes over and on the 1st play Denzel Perryman gets legwhipped right in the balls. Nothing was called. Denzel has ********s of steel and only missed 2 or 3 plays. Once again Miami stops ASU on 3rd and 1. Blake Anderson decides to go for it again which leads to another false start flag. He sends his punt team out but they run a fake. The play is set up beautifully, but Luke Ferguson's pass is way short and hits Raphael Kirby in the chest.


If he had just let it drop it would have given us better field position but whatever. After getting to midfield James Coley dials up another retarded gadget play which ends up going for a 7 yard loss and setting up 3rd and long. No matter, Kaaya connects with Walford 21 yards downfield on the next play to move the sticks and get into ASU territory.


Mike Ehrmann/Getty

3 plays later Gus Edwards bounces a run to the left, stiff arms some guy, pirouettes out of some other guy's arms, receives some great downfield blocking, and rumbles the rest of the way for a 27 yard touchdown with 1:15 left in the 1st half.



Steve Mitchel/USA Today

27-7 Miami

Look at the way the left side of the offensive line down blocks on that play. Then look at the way Dorsett patiently lets his target run to him before sealing the edge for Edwards who made a great individual effort on the run as well. Great play all around. Poor kick coverage by Miami allows ASU to start their next drive at their own 40. An 18 yard catch by McKissic moves them into Miami territory. 2 plays later Artie Burns is flagged for pass interference to set up ASU in the red zone. On the next play ASU shows Miami how to properly execute a trick play which leads to Tres Houston throwing a TD pass to Knighten for an easy score.


27-14 Miami

Miami kneels on it to end the half up by 13 points when they should have been up 20. They were getting the ball to begin the 2nd half and that possession could have ended the game had they scored. Oh well. At halftime, it's reported that both Walter Tucker and Ladarius Gunter wouldn't be back for the 2nd half. There was also this:


Makes sense. The game ended up getting fairly chippy in the 2nd half.

3rd Quarter:

ASU goes with the onside kick to open the 2nd half and Ferguson recovers his own kick. Too bad they couldn't do anything with it. Miami goes 3 and out after that to give it right back to them. The Red Wolves quickly get into UM territory, but then Knighten loses the ball and Olsen Pierre falls on it. 2 plays later Kaaya notices the ASU defense is about to bring a corner blitz. He checks out of the play and throws it to an uncovered Dorsett before the safety can come down to him. Dorsett fights through said safety's weak tackle attempt and speed walks 63 yards for the touchdown.



Al Diaz/AP

34-14 Miami

ASU goes 3 and out again. On Miami's first play Kaaya goes deep again to Dorsett but he just misses him.


Mike Ehrmann/Getty

Oh well. Dorsett will have to settle with being just the 3rd UM receiver to eclipse 200 yards in a game.


Not bad. After that Kaaya hands off to Duke a few times to get near midfield. 3 plays later he lofts a pass to a wide open Braxton Berrios, who gets down to the 6 yard line.


He goes back to him 2 plays later for the touchdown.



Mike Ehrmann/Getty

41-14 Miami

On the next play from scrimmage Ufomba Kamalu wraps up Knighten, which causes the refs to blow the play dead. For whatever reason it wasn't enough to be credited with the sack, so Kamalu then proceeds to rag-doll him to the ground.


Yea...that's a flag. Danny Stubbs would be proud though. 2 plays later Deon Bush came down on a safety blitz to push ASU back.


Kamalu sacks him again on the next play to force the Red Wolves to punt again. Heaps and Yearby are now in the game and the offense goes 3 and out. 2 Johnston White carries for ASU bring the 3rd quarter to a close with Miami still up 41-14.

4th Quarter:

ASU proceeds to go on a 16 play drive, fueled mostly by big passing plays of 18 and 29 yards to Blake Mack and Booker Mays respectively. A McKissic reception moves them inside the 10, and Johnston White runs it in on 3rd and goal for the score.



With ASU scoring, Golden puts Kaaya back in. The game is getting chippy again as Andrew Tryon lays a cheap shot on Shane McDermott behind the play, that sends Shane head over heels. Tryon gets flagged and Shane trolls him with a golf clap. Qushaun Lee picks off Kaaya 4 plays later and another personal foul flag flies. The drive ends Kaaya's day and he puts his ball cap back on.


Deon Bush misses a tackle badly, and White rumbles down the sideline for 27 yards. 4 plays later ASU is in the redzone and they go for it on 4th and 11. That's when Thurston Armbrister puts the game on ice with a game sealing sack.


AL Diaz/AP

Heaps is in again and he alternates handoffs to Trayone Gray and Joe Yearby as time expires.


Al Diaz/AP

I wonder what that conversation was about.

Final Score:

Arkansas State 20
Miami 41

Big road game in Lincoln this Saturday. Buckle up, baby.

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Spoke to AQM for about 10 minutes yesterday, good dude, he's not happy about the decision the university made to suspend him. I'd say he's 50/50 to come back, I asked a couple of times and he seemed genuinely unsure. I feel like he wants to be here though, so we'll see.
Terrific recap. Digging on the play videos.
just saw him on a longboard doing the shmurda dance.
I anxiously wait for these. Great job.
we need a gif of DP's personal foul on Kick off when he laced some poor
Ark St seemed to be talking a bunch of **** on the field, I know I saw Duke and Berrios going back an forth with some of their players
Terrific recap. Digging on the play videos.

He's getting screwed by the University but this whole thing will say a lot about him. Does he use the time to keep working on his craft and getting stronger or does he feel sorry for himslef and start to slip.

In any event I truly hope he he's back next year but can't fault him for leaving and going somewhere else.