QB Offer Breakdown: Colten Gauthier

Roman Marciante
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The Miami Hurricanes’ most recent quarterback offer went out to 2021 Hebron Christian Academy (GA) QB Colten Gauthier late last month. Now that he knows Miami is interested in his talents, Gauthier has scheduled a visit to compete in the Manny Diaz Camps this weekend on June 15th to throw in front of offensive coordinator and QB coach Dan Enos.

"Copy." and "Paste" Now that our fearless leader, managing editor @Stefan Adams did me a solid with his earlier piece and got the pleasantries out of the way, it's my turn. Time to breakdown another quarterback because 2021 will be here before you know it. So let's see what this sophomore gunslinger has in the chamber. Ready, aim, fire in another edition of quarterback offer breakdown.

Footwork/Rhythm "I have been really working on my footwork and my first steps, making them quicker. I’ve been in the film room a lot.” He said it. Not me. But ultimately I would agree with his own self assessment. Need to create more consistent footwork and work overall on the wide receiver route to drop relations within the confines of the offense. Has the capability to be on time and in rhythm with throws and this propensity will increase with footwork repeat-ability and refinement.

Accuracy. .536 completion % his sophomore year and has 19 touchdowns vs. 14 interceptions. Good ball placement noted but would like to limit interception total and balls thrown into harms way moving forward. Arm Strength. Very good arm strength at this level. Will have the ability to make every throw on the field with proper strength training and development. Very capable vertical thrower on tape but could flatten the trajectory on wide side outs. Arm Mechanics. Repeatable and natural. Shows the ability to throw from alternate angles and platforms when necessary. No unnecessary elongations noted within typical throwing parameters.

Mobility Classified as a pro style quarterback and has limited rushes. Does show the ability to get outside the pocket and extend plays down field. Colten if you read this, stop trying to run over defensive backs. LOL. I can't get you hurt young man. Down around the goal-line with the game on the line, game on. But the rest of the time? SLIDE. Overall I see Gauthier to have the ability to be zone read keep capable and extend the chains if he needs to.



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“I would consider my game to be like a gunslinger,” Gauthier said. “I can make all the throws in different situations. I believe I can make all the throws from all over the field and I am a lot more mobile then people think." I agree and let's add to this. For a sophomore, it is irrefutable that Gauthier throws the ball with TONS of confidence. And yes. Gunslinger is as fitting of a term as you can get in this instance.

When the typical gunslinger mantra gets applied a mental connotation usually triggers. "Big Risk (14 interceptions)- Big Reward (19 touchdowns)". Someone like Enos would do wonders for Gauthier. Just to refine him mechanically and understand the subtle quarterbacking nuance a bit more and it will no doubt limit the risk often associated with gun slinging. Even snipers need a guide whispering wind speeds and distance in their ear from time to time.

Ultimately I came away very impressed with Gauthier. He is doing advanced things (shoulder warfare, looking off defenders, 3/4 adaptation delivery systems) that sometimes you don't see even on senior film. I think this is a good Miami caliber quarterback offer and this is definitely going to be someone many colleges will begin to notice moving forward.

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I'm not super high on this guy.

If Enos likes him and he has a committable offer and shows out at Paradise then ok. But the arm is meh and accuracy numbers not great. I'm not too bullish here, real talk
I'm not super high on this guy.

If Enos likes him and he has a committable offer and shows out at Paradise then ok. But the arm is meh and accuracy numbers not great. I'm not too bullish here, real talk

I'm with you, but also realize has two yeard left. If this was his junior year, that's not good, but senior year numbers would be a form **** no.
This kid does some things you can't teach and has a nice compact delivery. I haven't seen him play but he has some skills.
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I really hate when QB prospects have the kind of stats he does. My guess is the list of kids that go on to be great college QBs with that kind of td/int ratio is pretty small. I similarly took a look at ****kowskis stats and knew I didn't want him. I know he is only a sophomore and a lot can change, but I get the same feeling here. Elite quarterbacks should be slicing up high school defenses. That completion percentage and td/int ratio scream poor decision maker to me.