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2015 Ridley Wants to Hear from Miami

2015 Ridley Wants to Hear from Miami

Tito Benach
2015 Monarch (Fla.) ATH Calvin Ridley was looking to put on a show last weekend at the Nike 7 on 7 and put his high school on the map.

“We just trying to get our team out here first of all. We would love to win, but not many other schools know about us so we’re trying to show them.”

Ridley says while his team may not be known now, they are going to open some eyes this upcoming season.

“We’re definitely going to surprise people this year. We have a lot of key players that are under the radar, so we’re gonna do pretty good.”

The 6’1 185 pound athlete has been working very hard with his team this offseason and is hoping that those workouts will help them make strides this upcoming year.

“We went to practice everyday, we lifted weights, we went to a lot of camps, speed camps and weight camps to get stronger. So we did a lot this summer, we did what we have to do to be a successful team.”

The Monarch playmaker is a hot name on the radar for some schools right now.

“I got offered by West Virginia, USF, FAU, Marshall and Cincinnati.”

Despite all those schools showing interest, he says there is one more school he is wishing to hear from.

“I would love to hear from Miami a lot.”

Ridley has been to Coral Gables and enjoys the atmosphere the campus provides as well as the coaches at the university.

“I’ve been to the campus a couple of times and I loved it out there. I love the coaches and the way they run their practices. I just like it and it was my favorite school growing up when I was a kid.”

While the 2015 standout is getting some interest from the Hurricanes, it remains only as mail.

Outside of the Hurricanes, there is another school that is drawing the interest of Ridley.

“Clemson, I just like what I see from TV. I’ve never been out there, but I like what they do with Sammy Watkins.”

Whether or not Miami will show interest in Ridley remains to be seen, but if the Hurricanes were to come and offer, Ridley does admit there is a good chance he winds up playing for the orange and green.

“There is probably a 70 percent chance. After I get to know the coaches I would probably go there.”


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Tell the young man until sept 1st all he legally ahould be receiving is general letters. If he wants to hear from Miami coaches than he has to give them a call.
Tell the young man until sept 1st all he legally ahould be receiving is general letters. If he wants to hear from Miami coaches than he has to give them a call.

That doesn't stop schools from giving 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018 kids verbals until that time.
Yeah because the college coaches call the hs coach or pop warner coaches in some cases haha. Than they have the ath call the college coaches and thats how the communication takes off.
Transferred to champagnt. They have 3 d1 receivers now
Ridley is at Monarch HS with his best friend Shawn Burgess. Ridley is leading Broward County in receiving. Big time playmaker who i think is a top 5 WR in Florida in 2015.
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Loss 44 - 13
09/11 vs
Win 25 - 23
09/18 vs
Loss 38 - 17
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Loss 45 - 42
10/23 vs
Win 31 - 30
10/30 @
Win 38 - 34
11/06 vs
Win 33 - 30
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Loss 31 - 28
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