2014 ATH Mezier Gives An Update

Peter Ariz
Peter Ariz
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Homestead 2014 ATH Mario Mezier (5’11, 166) had an eventful summer, camping at Alabama and Florida State.

“At the Alabama camp, I was a bit nervous at first and then I got the hang of it and was showing them that I was really from down South and I turned it up. At Florida State, I didn’t take any chances at all, I just went right into it and nobody could stick me.”

Mezier says that he has early interest in FIU, Miami, FSU, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Clemson, USC, Oklahoma State, UConn, and Hawai’i. On the field, he has been described to have a Percy Harvin-like role. He will also play some DB this year.

“My hands, my quickness, and my coordination separate me. I like playing receiver the best.”

Current Hurricane and former Bronco Herb Waters is somebody that Mezier is close with.

“Me and him are like brothers. He gives me a lot of advice with the college process. We both understand the game and are smart players and we can both control the game.”

Playing in one of the most difficult divisions in the country with Northwestern, Central, Belen, and Carol City, Mezier is preparing for the upcoming season.

“We just gotta go out and play our heart out and let the best team win. I’m looking forward to playing every team because last year we didn’t do so good. I’m not taking any breaks.”

Homestead has another big-time WR in 2014 Ermon Lane.

“That’s my right-hand man. We sit down and talk for like three hours about playing for the same school. We really wanna play for the same college.”

Mezier says that Jamal Carter and Antwan Cordy are two of the best defensive players he has gone against.

“Jamal brings a lot of athleticism and physicality to the safety position.”

He also notes that 2014 WR Tyre Brady and 2014 WR C.J. Worten (FSU commit) are two of the best receivers he has had to face.

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How many wr we taking next year?
that package deal thing will definetly hurt us because numbers are gonna be super tight next year when you factor in sanctions
3? Well I know Lane and Brady will probably be 2 we all want to see rockin' the orange and white.