The pandemic is over

You just don’t know it yet.

I will elaborate.

Several points, here’s the first one

1. Omicron - the process of natural selection wins again.

2. High vaccination rates, including booster, have reduced the percentage of those infected that need hospitalizations.

Vaccines have not provided what most consider “traditional immunity“, but they have provided protection from hospitalization and death, especially for those most at risk.
SARS CoV-2 is highly unlikely to go away. Most likely will be controlled and somewhat treatable infectious disease with recurring outbreaks.
Fauci starting to get nervous. Because I think deep down he knows his time is ending, and his two years in the limelight and being an MSM darling is coming to a close
My guess, he has plans on an abrupt retirement depending on how his November 2022 goes...

Regardless if he stays or goes, if the House flips, I hope they hound that charlatan to personal ruin.

No sympathy. No quarter for his stain of muppet.
LOL such a funny thread but tell that to my wife. She works in a very prominent hospital (38 years) in South Florida and the pandemic is FAR FROM DEAD. Starting today she is wearing a make everywhere except at home.
Delta is still 95% of cases. Once that changes to Omicron, that's when the big drop in hospitalizations and deaths will happen.

I posted this yesterday on the vaccine thread:

The conversation needs to shift from cases to their severity, but “we’re not there yet,” Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra said this week during a briefing with reporters. “I think that's where we're heading — is to try to be able to tell the public that.”