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Nov 29, 2015
Well, good thing we have a coach that will
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I think that's what most posters don't get. Martell initially struggled under center because he hasn't done it since his sophomore year of HS. That doesn't mean Enos's offense is going to be run from under center, it is just a base offense that let's him compare apples to apples (it would take too much time to design 3 separate offenses to accentuate each QBs skills). Once he has a better feel for who is showing the most promise and can get it down to 2 qbs, he will start incorporating the wrinkles that compliment the player (maybe more deep shots for Perry, more QB runs for Martell). I think that's where we're at now and Martell is starting to pull away from the other two QBs.

Enos and Diaz will then decide which qb pairs best with the defense (team will be defense first). My guess is that the more Mobile QB gets the nod. Then after the qb competition is decided, Enos will fully tailor his offense to suit his starter's strengths.