About what I expected. Randy goes 3-9 with this squad. From allegations, suspensions and the dumpster fire that Shannon left, 6-6 is okay in my eyes.

Jacory's pathetic career was summed up today and the so did that "shannonization" as our team looked mentality weak today with nothing to play for.

All 6 losses were within 1 score which is a huge improvement from the previous years. Chick, Perryman are the future of this defense and both look promising. Defense got better throughout season, which again is something we can't say we have done.

The offense looked stale the last few games and its a young mind (Fisch) trying to out think himself.

Cleaning out 20 seniors for me is addition by subtraction as its 20 less "shannonized" players and room for a fresh 20 players who actually have a football IQ.

Biggest issue is Swasey as today was a prime example of us being a physically weak team. We got blown off the line play after play. We have no pash rush what so ever and it certainly isn't our speed.

Golden said it best, no bowl game gives us extra time to lift which we despertaly need. The hype of "2008 class" is over as they clearly didn't live up to it. Morris has had a year to learn the Fisch system and should be ready to roll.

He has a good group of WR's coming back as Hurns, Dorsett, Steeter, Thompkins, Scott are legit. Miller I doubt leaves so the back field and line will be back. Harris and Benjamin, Gunn, Horn are the who we lose have Shannon still smeared all over them.

I could keep going but will stop there.


Nov 5, 2011
Im glad this year is finally over and we can begin to move forward, dropping dead weight and the team putting the past mistakes of others behind them.